Fonetikos ypatybių pateikimas vakarų aukštaičių kauniškių žodynuose

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Fonetikos ypatybių pateikimas vakarų aukštaičių kauniškių žodynuose
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Presentation of phonetic features in the Western Highlanders dictionaries
Fonetika; Fonetikos ypatybės; Fonetikos ypatybių pateikimas; Fononogija; Tarmės. Patarmės. Šnekta. Dialektai. Dialektologija / Dialects. Dialectology; Transkripcija; Vakarų aukštaičių šektų žodynai; Vakarų aukštaičių tarmė.
Dialect; Dialectal dictionaries; Phonetic features; Phonetics; Phonology; Presentation of phonetic features; Transcription; Western Highlanders dialect; Western Highlanders Dictionaries.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis article reviews the presentation of phonetic features in three Western Highlanders dictionaries: Zanavykų šnektos žodynas (The Dictionary of the Zanavykai Dialect), Kazlų Rūdos šnektos žodynas (The Dictionary of the Kazlų Rūda Dialect) and Daukšių krašto žodynas (The Dictionary of Daukšiai Region). The first two dictionaries present the illustrative material in a transcribed form, whereas the third dictionary presents it written in the characters of standard spelling. The following phonetic features are usually marked in the transcribed examples of the dictionaries: the quantity of vowels and the components of diphthongs, the quality of the first component in secondary diphthongs, the qualitative variants of the vowel /е/, the consonant softness before the back vowels, some of sound coarticulation laws. The analysis of presentation of these features showed that real but very generalized usage of the dialect is usually reflected in the dialectal dictionaries. It would be more accurate to call the transcription used in the dictionaries phonological rather than phonetic. [From the publication]

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