Territorial decentralization in Lithuania: a missing continuum

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Territorial decentralization in Lithuania: a missing continuum
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Teritorinė decentralizacija Lietuvoje: trajektorijos ir spragos
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Socialiniai tyrimai [Social Research]. 2014, Nr. 1 (34), p. 53-62
Regionai ir regioninė politika / Regions and regional policy.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Teritorinė decentralizacija; Regioninis valdymas; Scenario; Trajektorijos; Territorial decentralization; Regional governance; Scenario; Trajectories.

ENTerritorial-administrative division is a tangible entity of the existence of each state. It serves for the implementation of multiple organizational purposes, shows the scope of decentralization. Legally, the 6th Government of Lithuania developed the territorial decentralization reform in 1994. At present we have the 16th Government in Lithuania. Despite that we have a rather stable system of territorial-administrative division the ongoing debates over the regional level of governing and regional policy appear to be puzzling, they arise in the government's programs rather than in public and academic discourses. Thus the question persists: what are the trajectories that the debates over territorial decentralization could disclose along the followed scenarios? The paper is based on Pollit and Bouckaert's (2011, p. 75-76) methodological ideas. It aims at revealing the debate trajectories and scenarios applicable at least in three ways: (1) theoretically – a new historical fact has been substantiated; (2) discursively – the debates have been made public and (3) practically – governments could better understand the evolution of programs. While implementing the task, the official documents should be analyzed (government programs, laws, regulations, national and regional strategies, etc.), other scientific sources should be used as well. [From the publication]

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