O warstwach leksyki pochodzenia litewskiego na obszarze ignalińsko-jezioroskim

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O warstwach leksyki pochodzenia litewskiego na obszarze ignalińsko-jezioroskim
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About layers of lexis of Lithuanian origins in the Ignalina–Zarasai region
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Acta Baltico-Slavica. 2014, Nr. 38, p. 126-152
Baltų - slavų paribys; Baltų-slavų paribys; Lenkų kalba Lietuvoje; Lituanizmai; Skoliniai; Skolinys.
Baltic-Slavic borderland; Borrowing; Lithuanisms; Polish language in Lithuania.
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ENIn this study lexical lithuanisms were analysed, functioning in the Ignalina–Zarasai area, on the Lithuanian–Latvian–Belarussian borderland. Lithuanian proceeds on Slavic dialect have an ancient history, which can be associated with a period, dated quite early based on sources of language. Studying Lithuanian vocabulary in these dialects, the dynamics of influences can be observed simultaneously, as contacts between Lithuanian and other dialects existed in this area for a long time. Therefore, several layers of lithuanisms, differentiated based on time and manner of borrowing, can be distinguished: a) a layer of borrowings with a wide range, shared by many language groups, certified in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages; b) a layer of contact lithuanisms, certified in the border zone of Lithuania and the Polish language, dialects occurring in Belarus, also in the Russian dialects of Old Believers; this vocabulary can have a wider range of occurrence or be listed within a single language area, for example only in the Ignalina–Zarasai or Vilnius region; c) borrowings with the rank of infiltration, resulting from active contacts with the Lithuanian language and dialects. [From the publication]

10.11649/abs. 2014.003
0065-1044; 2392-2389
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