Ikiteisminio tyrimo teisėjas ir jo vieta valstybinių baudžiamojo proceso subjektų sistemoje

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Ikiteisminio tyrimo teisėjas ir jo vieta valstybinių baudžiamojo proceso subjektų sistemoje
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Pre-trial investigation judge and its role in the system of state's public criminal procedure subjects
Teisininkai / Legal profession.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Baudžiamasis procesas; Baudžiamojo proceso subjektai; Baudžiamojo proceso teisė; Ikiteisminio tyrimo teisėjas; Ikiteisminis tyrimas; Prokuroras; Criminal Procedure Law; Criminal procedure; Pretrial investigation; Pretrial judge; Prokurator; The Criminal Procedure entities in pre-trial judge.

ENDespite the fact that the Code of Criminal Procedure of Lithuania has been in force for ten years, however, there are still problems in the interpretation of the law, regarding one or another legal institute, including the judge of pre-trial investigation. The legislature of Lithuania established a model of a passive pre-trial investigation judge and gave powers to control the pre-trial investigation. The same powers were assigned to the prosecutor, so there are two public entities of the criminal procedure independently performing the same criminal process control function. According to the Constitution of Lithuania, prosecutor has an exclusive right to organize and lead the pre-trial investigation; however, he must obey the decisions of the pre-trial investigation judge. The judge of pre-trial investigation plays an important role in the state's criminal procedure and because of its status, it is possible to ensure protection of fundamental human rights, transparency and fair criminal process, moreover, reduce the opportunities for criminal abuse of prosecutor and officers of the pre-trial investigation and finally the judge of pretrial investigation is able to save the balance between prosecutor and defense. [From the publication]

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