Profesorė M. Barkauskaitė apie mokymosi motyvaciją kaip ugdymo proceso sėkmės sąlygą

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Straipsnis / Article
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Profesorė M. Barkauskaitė apie mokymosi motyvaciją kaip ugdymo proceso sėkmės sąlygą
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Professor M. Barkauskaitė on learning motivation as a condition for success of education process
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Pedagogika. 2012, 108, p. 38-42
Mokinys; Mokymasis; Motyvacija; Nenoras mokytis; Nesėkmė.
School student; Learning; Motivation; Unwillingness to learn; Failure.
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LTStraipsnyje siekiama išryškinti prof. M. Barkauskaitės įžvalgas į mokymosi motyvaciją kaip ugdymo proceso sėkmės sąlygą šiuolaikiniame švietimo kontekste. Motyvacija lemia visavertę asmenybės raidą, gebėjimų tobulinimą visą gyvenimą. Profesorės gvildenamos mokinių nenoro mokytis priežastys ir puoselėjamos mokymosi motyvacijos stiprinimo idėjos sudaro prielaidas sėkmingam ugdymo proceso vyksmui. [Iš leidinio]

ENOne of the educational problems discussed in the pedagogical works by M. Barkauskaitė includes reasons for suppression of school students’ learning motivation and possibilities for stimulation and enhancement of this learning motivation. Learning is the main activity of a school student. Motivation to learn conditions a full-value development and education of a personality as well as life long improvement of his or her competences. Therefore, a teacher faces a challenge: to eliminate causes that suppress motivation and to strengthen school students’ positive motivation, which is one of the most important conditions for successful and high-quality education. The object of the research: learning motivation of school students. The goal of the research: to highlight professor M. Barkauskaitė’s insights into learning motivation as a condition for success in the contemporary context of education. The methods of the research: systemicanalytical, comparative analysis. A considerable attention in pedagogical works by professor M. Barkauskaitė is devoted to identification of reasons that suppress school students’ learning motivation and to discussion of possibilities for enhancement of learning motivation.The loss of learning motivation results in a loss of honest, active and creative individual because s/ he faces a real possibility for entering a group of social exclusion. The objective of teacher is to strive for elimination of circumstances that force back motivation and to make attempts to evoke a positive motivation. Only a thorough cognition of learners, an individual approach to every individual stimulates strengthening of learning motivation, which conditions the efficiency of the whole education process.The following prerequisites for restoration of learning motivation should be emphasised: humanistic organisation of education process, cognition and acknowledgement of learner’s individuality, sensation of meaning and success, enhancement of belief and confidence, etc. Teacher‘s managerial competence has a direct effect on school student‘s learning motivation and its stimulation. Properly organised process of education should encourage school students’ desire to learn, to explore, to cognise the surrounding world, to self-dependently and creatively learn. Reasons for school learners’ unwillingness to learn that have been analysed by the professor for many years and suggested ideas for strengthening of learning motivation create preconditions for successful, meaningful and quality implementation of the process of education. [From the publication]

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