Muzikos pedagogų autoritarizmo ir pedocentrizmo nuostatų specifika ugdymo kontekste

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Straipsnis / Article
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Muzikos pedagogų autoritarizmo ir pedocentrizmo nuostatų specifika ugdymo kontekste
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Specificity of attitudes demonstrated by teatchers of music towards authoritarianism and educator centrism in the context of education
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Pedagogika. 2004, 72, p. 93-97
Muzikinė raiška; Autoritarizmas; Pedocentrizmas; Specifiniai psichologiniai veiksmai; Stereotipai.
Musical expression; Authoritarianism; Specific psychological actions; Stereotypes.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamas neigiamas pedagogų autoritarizmo reiškinys muzikinio ugdymo kontekste, išdėstomos autoritarizmo teorinės traktuotės, specifiškai būdingos tik muzikos pedagogams, analizuojami apklausos rezultatai, pateikiamos bendrosios pedagoginės autoritarizmo nuostatos ir jų apraiškų tendencijos. Taip pat nagrinėjami tyrimo rezultatai ir atskleidžiamos prielaidos muzikos ugdymo procese pasireikšti autoritarizmui bei dvasiniams humanistiniams ir pedocentristiniams pradams. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle deals with the negative phenomenon of the educator's authoritarianism in the context of the problems in musical education. It is hypothetically presumed that humanistic-democratic and authoritarian attitudes are theoretically as well as empirically contradictory. They are opposing and contradictory constructs of consciousness and social behavior. The proposition is made that current studies on authoritarianism in sociology and education and the phenomenon of authoritarianism itself have become the object of inter-disciplinary researches and should be continued. The negative aspect of authoritarianism in the sphere of music has stronger consequences due to inherent humanism and subtly expressed spirituality in it. The article presents theoretical interpretations of authoritarianism, characteristic for teachers of music, the analysis of the survey, which involved 149 teachers of music, the results and also attitudes of general pedagogy towards authoritarianism and tendencies of its demonstration. The results of the research are analyzed and the preconditions for the demonstration of authoritarianism, spiritual humanism and educator's centrism are revealed. Inner dangers of the demonstration of authoritarian attitudes specific for musical education are also presented. A negative and a schoolchild discriminating factor-gender stereotype choosing the instrument to play music-is being discussed. The conclusion is made that the research provides wide opportunities in music teacher training thus emphasizing humanistic aspect of education while eliminating tendencies of demonstration of authoritarianism. [From the publication]

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