Žemaičių įvardijimas Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštystės kariuomenės dokumentuose

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Žemaičių įvardijimas Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštystės kariuomenės dokumentuose
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Naming of samogitians (žemaičiai) in the military documents of the Great Duchy of Lithuania
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Lituanistica. 2002, Nr. 2, p. 49-62
Onomastika; Asmenvardis; Įvardijimas; Prievardžiai; Antroponimika; Pavardės.
Onomastics; Person's proper name; Name; Patronymic; Anthroponymic; Surname.
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ENThe mixed type is the most popular one in the naming of men (95.1%). Very infrequent is the naming without family anthroponyms (4.7%), still less frequent is using only family names (0.2%). The most spread are men's namings with patronyms (98.3%) and very scarce are derivatives with the suffix -sk- (1.7%). When naming men 1-3 personal names are used. Personal two-member names prevail (96%), one-member names comprise 2.4% and three-member names only 1.5% of all namings. 2.4% of men's namings include common words explaining anthroponyms. There are usually 1-2 common words in a naming. Only one naming of those found has 7 common words. Common words in men's namings usually refer to social status (53.2%) and post (33%). Rather rare are words explaining family status and kinship (8.3%) and nationality (5.6%). 99.8% of men's namings include first names. The most popular type in women's naming consists only of family names (56.8%). Not infrequent is the mixed naming (both first names and family names) (37.9%). Rather scanty are namings without family names (5.3%). Women's namings usually include 1-3 anthroponyms. One-member namings prevail (53.3%). Two-member namings comprise 44.4%. Least numerous is the three-member group (2.4%). 82.9% of women's namings have common words explaining anthroponyms. Usually 12 common words occur in a naming. Most often these words refer to family status and kinship (95.7%). Rather few of them refer to social status (3.5%) and the post held (0.7%). Not a single naming was found to reveal nationality. 43.2% of women's namings include first names. One surname was recorded. [From the publication]

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