Valstybės tarnautojų mokymo-lavinimo turinio ir formų pokyčiai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Valstybės tarnautojų mokymo-lavinimo turinio ir formų pokyčiai
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Viešoji politika ir administravimas [Public Policy and Administration]. 2003, Nr. 5, p. 77-83
LDB Open.
reformos; efektyvumas; viešosios institucijos; personalo lavinimas
reforms; efficiency; public institutions; personnel development
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojami valstybės viešosios politikos tikslai ir uždaviniai modernizuojant valstybės tarnybų bei personalo valdymo turinio ir formų pokyčiai. Išskirtinis dėmesys straipsnyje skiriamas viešojo sektoriaus personalo kvalifikacijos ugdymo poreikiams nustatyti, lavinimo proceso struktūrai tobulinti ir lavinimo institucijų ištekliams efektyviau panaudoti. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe changing of content and forms of civil service training and education in the public sector is analysed in the article. In the modern society, the role of the public institution staff in the planning and implementation of the strategic activities of the institutions has increased dramatically. The personnel management content of "putting out the fires" no longer meets the needs of the modern organization. The development of the capacities of civil servants is one of the directions in state administrative reform as well as one of the main conditions for effective public sector activities. It is possible to say that the existing training of civil servants in Lithuania is more extensive, based on personal motivation. However the latter does not always coincide with institutional interests. The largest obstacle in effective civil servants training is insufficient capacity of the institutional personnel system of public administration. Although personnel units carry out the analysis of the needs of qualification training the functions of training process and career planning are implemented insufficiently. The staff of personnel management boards in state and municipal institutions is not adequate, and unable to carry mentioned functions while existing public administration institutions cannot administrate the processes of qualification assurance properly. [From the publication]

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