Współczesne nazwiska Polaków o możliwej genezie litewskiej nieobecne w LPŽ, poświadczone w kartotece antroponimicznej LKI

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Współczesne nazwiska Polaków o możliwej genezie litewskiej nieobecne w LPŽ, poświadczone w kartotece antroponimicznej LKI
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Contemporary Polish surnames of possible Lithuanian origin absent from the Dictionary of Lithuanian surnames (LPŽ), attested in the anthroponymic files of the Institute of the Lithuanian language
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Onomastica (Wrocław). 2020, t. 64, p. 211-228
Vilnius. Vilniaus kraštas (Vilnius region); Lietuva (Lithuania); Asmenvardžiai. Antroponimai / Personal names. Anthroponyms; Tikriniai vardai. Onomastika / Onomastics. Proper names; Etninės mažumos / Ethnic minorities.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Lenkiškos pavardės; Lietuvių kilmės pavardės; Etimologinis ir motyvacinis pavardžių žodynas; Kartoteka; Lietuvių kalbos institutas. Keywords: Polish surnames; Surnames of Lithuanian origin; Etymological and motivational surname dictionary; Index card files; Institute of the Lithuanian Language.Reikšminiai žodžiai: Pavardės; Lenkai; Lietuvių kilmės pavardės; Žodynai; Kartotekos; Lietuvių kalbos institutas (Institute of the Lithuanian Language); Surnames; Polish; Surnames of Lithuanian origin; Dictionary; Index.

ENThe aim of the article is to present the attestations of contemporary Polish surnames of Lithuanian origin which are absent from the dictionary of Lithuanian surnames (“Lietuvių pavardžių žodynas”, LPŽ), excerpted from the anthroponymic index card files that have been stored in the Lithuanian Language Institute in Vilnius and continually enlarged for several decades now. The files contain data excerpted from historical sources of the 16th to 19th centuries and consist of about 200,000 index cards (the actual number of excerpted anthroponyms is lower since some recur in various sources). Due to space limitations, generally only directly attested names have been included in the article, to the exclusion of those whose relationship with the researched name can be inferred rather than considered proven. Each listed attestation of an anthroponym (probably not in all cases an already established hereditary surname) is accompanied by information concerning its location and year (or time bracket), wherever available in the card index file. Given names or other details (e.g. the role of the person mentioned in documents, such as godmother in the data excerpted from baptismal registers) have only been included occasionally, if there was some reason to do so. [From the publication]

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