О балтийских ойконимах Калининградской области

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О балтийских ойконимах Калининградской области
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About Baltic place-names of Kaliningrad region
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Antroponimai; Baltų kalbos; Gerulis; Kilmė; Mažoji Lietuva; Oikonimai; Onomastika; Prūsai; Tikriniai vardai; Vietovardžiai; Žodžių daryba; Anthroponym; Appellative; Baltic languages; Gerull; Lithuania Minor; Onomastics; Origin; Place-name; Place-names; Proper names; Prussians; Word-formation.
Asmenvardžiai. Antroponimai / Personal names. Anthroponyms; Baltų kalbos / Baltic languages; Gerulis; Kilmė; Mažoji Lietuva; Prūsai / Prussians; Tikriniai vardai. Onimai. Onomastika / Onomastics. Proper names; Vietovardžiai. Toponimai / Toponyms; Žodžių daryba. Žodžio dalys / Word formation. Parts of a word.
Appellative; Gerull; Lithuania Minor; Onomastics; Origin; Place-name; Place-names; Proper names; Prussians.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article deals with Baltic place-names of the Kaliningrad region recorded in 16-19th centuries. These place-names are less well known by comparison with place-names recorded from 13th century until the beginning of 16th century. The most famous researcher of Prussian place-names Georg Geruli set a strict chronological limit for his own list of place-names -1525. In his opinion, this was the time when German forms of pronunciation of Prussian place-names became stabilised, therefore the process of Germanization of Prussian place-names was completed. According to Georg Geruli place-names collected from 16-19th century documents have little importance to the research of Prussian place-names. On repeated occasions the author of this article has suggested that this boundary ought to be crossed, because even after 1525 both manuscript and printed historical sources contain quite a few Prussian or Baltic place-names of former East Prussia which significantly add to our knowledge of Prussian proper names. This article focuses on Prussian or Baltic place- names which were not analyzed by Georg Geruli. After the Second World War these place-names were replaced by Russian ones with no regard to their old forms. [From the publication]

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