Socialinę pedagogiką studijuojančiųjų požiūris į karjerą ir profesinį pašaukimą

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Straipsnis / Article
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Socialinę pedagogiką studijuojančiųjų požiūris į karjerą ir profesinį pašaukimą
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Attitude of those, studying social pedagogy, towars the carrier and professional vocation
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Pedagogika . 2011, 102, p. 81-87
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Pasitenkinimas profesija; Profesinis pašaukimas; Profesinio pašaukimo ugdymas; Karjeros vizija
Satisfaction with profession; Education of professional vocation; Vision of carrier
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojamos "pašaukimo" ir "karjeros" sąvokų sampratos, tyrinėjamos ir lyginamos socialinę pedagogiką studijuojančiųjų nuostatos į jų profesinį pašaukimą ir karjerą bei šių nuostatų sąsajos. [Iš leidinio]

ENIn the present article the conceptions of vocations (professional colling) and carrier are being analysed, attitudes of students, studying social pedagogy, towards professional avocation and carrier, also the links of those attitudes are being researched and compared. Vocational training in the science of pedagogy is analysed in two ways: in objective and subjective aspects. The objective aspect includes the analysis of curriculum, study objectives, goals, gained competences, social and material support, educational technologies and etc. The subjective aspect – researches about individual’s development in the process of teaching/learning, education of professional vocation, carrier planning and other. The scientific analysis in the above mentioned questions indicates that the subjective side of vocational training is less researched. The researches about individual’s education require more time and are confusing while determining the factors, influencing the process. Nevertheless, they are essential while analyzing opportunities of optimization the modern vocational training in high school. The research data analysis has revealed that the bigger part of the respondents chose the program to be studied deliberately, the third – chose accidentally, however, the part of them are content with that "occasional choice". The speaking of the respondents, with regard to the choice of profession, have revealed (actualized) the problem of the system of admission to the high Lithuanian schools, and this influences the carrier vision and expression of professional avocation of those who are studying.The research data has revealed that the third of respondents, by entering universities, expected to study other study program and to gain other profession. The fifth of students indicate that they have an avocation to work as a social educator. Almost the third of the students, participated in the research, indicate, that they do not have avocation to the social pedagogic work. The half of the respondents know whether they have avocation for the chosen profession. A bit more than a third of students relate their carrier with the chosen profession and a bit less than a third of them do not relate their carrier with the chosen profession of a social educator. The third of the respondents do not have the vision of further carrier or have not answered to the given question. Speaking about their future carrier, some respondents mention that they do not want to work in school and their speaking reveals the attitude towards work in school, teacher’s professional prestige (to be precise, its absence) and a weak social status of teacher’s profession in the state. [From the publication]

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