Profesinis kryptingumas aukštojoje mokykloje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Profesinis kryptingumas aukštojoje mokykloje
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Vocational purposefulness in an institution of higher education
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Pedagogika. 2010, 97, p. 35-42
Profesinis kryptingumas; Profesinis rengimas; Aukštoji mokykla.
Vocational purposefulness; Specialist training; Institution of higher education.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojamas profesinis kryptingumas; gvildenamas požiūris į inžinierių, fotografų technologų ir dizainerių profesijas, jų ateities perspektyvas. Tyrimas vykdytas 2005-2009 mokslo metais Kauno technikos kolegijoje, Kauno kolegijoje, Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitete, Vilniaus dailės akademijoje, Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegijoje (būsimųjų dizainerių, inžinierių ir fotografų technologų profesijos). Tirtas tokių studijų programų profesinis kryptingumas: grafinis dizainas, interjero dizainas, interaktyvusis dizainas ir fotografijos technologijos; statyba, statinių inžinerinės sistemos, šilumos energetika, geodezija ir kadastras. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe aim of the research - to describe the vocational purposefulness of future engineers and design and photography specialists in an institution of higher education. Research methods. Theoretical: systemic analysis of scientific sources and documents. Empirical: survey for the learners; half-structured interview. Qualitative content analysis has been applied for data analysis. Mathematical and statistical methods.Conclusions. 1. The data obtained from the first stage of the research determined statistical differences between the viewpoints of artistic and technological- engineering studies specialists with regard to the chosen profession. 2. The reflections of the research participants' personal experience, analyzed through defining vocational studies and a future specialist's vocational perspectives, have revealed the following aspects of vocational purposefulness: a) striving for self-revelation / realization in the chosen profession has been revealed among all the groups of the research participants; b) the contraposition of individualism and collectivism has been determined (individualism among designers of photographers-technologists; collectivism among engineers); future engineers either do not mention individuality in the study process at all or do not understand its meaning and significance; c) search for individual style has been highlighted among the future design and photography specialists; d) the provision "to climb the career ladder" has been revealed only among the research group of future engineers; e) "a well-paid job" is a motif to choose profession only among the group of future engineers. 3. Vocational purposefulness is associated with the manifestation and formation of individual features only in the groups of future designers and photographs- technologists. By contrast, engineers foster collectivism in their professional activity. [From the publication]

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