Kritinio ir kūrybinio mąstymo sąsaja

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Straipsnis / Article
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Kritinio ir kūrybinio mąstymo sąsaja
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Links between critical and creative thinking
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LTKritinis ir kūrybinis mąstymas buvo ir yra vieni iš svarbiausių žmonių gebėjimų, jie turi būti ugdomi ir puoselėjami ne tik dėl asmeninės, bet ir dėl visuomeninės gerovės. Dėl koncepcijų ir sampratų įvairovės sunku susigaudyti, kas yra kūrybinis, o kas – kritinis mąstymas. Kartais jie laikomi vienas kitam prieštaraujantys, o kitąkart – turintys jungiančių bruožų ir net tapatūs. Straipsnyje siekiama aptarti kūrybinio ir kritinio mąstymo sampratą ir išryškinti jų sąsają. Tai daroma remiantis kūrybiškumo ir kritinio mąstymo tyrimais, atskleidžiančiais kūrybiškai ir kritiškai mąstančios asmenybės bruožus, mąstymo procesą ir jo vertinimo rezultatus. Užsienio autorių moksliniai atradimai ir įžvalgos papildomi Lietuvoje atliktų kritinio ir kūrybinio mąstymo tyrimų išvadomis, patvirtinančiomis esamą jų sąsają. [Iš leidinio]

ENCritical and creative thinking have been and still are the most significant human capacities that have to be developed and nurtured because of personal and societal welfare. But it is quite difficult to understand what is creative and what is critical thinking. This confusion appears due to the variety of different concepts and understandings. Sometimes both types of thinking are considered to be almost the same, other time – totally different, and in some cases – having some traits in common. Acknowledged scientific theories, foreign authors’ and in–country scientists’ research findings are presented in the current article to prove existence of links. The author reviews the development history of both types of thinking concepts and draws attention to democratic nature of critical thought and the “elite” of creative thought. The author presents most common “myths” concerning creative and critical thinking and argues that they have no evidence in scientific research, but unfortunately do have in pedagogical practice. Reviewed literature proves the presence of similar personal characteristics of creatively and critically minded personality – curiosity and openness for a new experience, ability to concentrate on work, courage to take risk and responsibility, tolerance for unknown, acceptance of different opinions and views, ability to analyse and reflect, healthy scepticism, independent opinion formation. Empirical research findings show that Lithuania’s pedagogues indicate and name same features as mentioned above, but are not able to recognize all of them in their students. Pedagogues as well as education experts associate critical and creative thinking skills with personal and professional success.The author reveals similarities of creative and critical thinking processes by describing them as divergent. “Life cycle” stages show that both processes require time and concentration on task, involve curiosity, problem solving, search for best solutions. Lithuania’s pedagogues acknowledge critical and creative thinking as processes, but allocate little time for their experience and reflection on them in a classroom. Creative and critical thinking results are difficult to make evident as they include not only tangible, but also “soft” results, such as improved individual approaches, capacities and processes. Researches’ findings show that students’ projects and creative tasks are considered to be most evident and easier evaluated results. There is enough evidence of links between critical and creative thinking. However, coherence between both types of thinking and success in personal and professional life has not received sufficient attention in a scientific literature. Cases, ethnographic studies, lived experience examples and other type of research could be of a great value to prove that critical and creative thinking have direct impact on personal and on social welfare. [From the publication]

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