The Internationalization of Vičiūnai group : a case from Lithuania

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The Internationalization of Vičiūnai group : a case from Lithuania
Internacionalizacija; "Vičiūnų" įmonių grupė; Verslas; Verslo plėtra; Verslumas; Rinka; Rinkos ekonomika
Internationalization; Vičiūnai Group; Business; Business development; Entrepreneurship; Market; Market economy
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ENThe social, economic, cultural and political systems of post-communist countries have undergone considerable changes since the late 1980s. New ways have been opening up for the development of a market economy and democracy in these societies. After the declaration of independence from the Soviet Union, Lithuania has experienced radical political and economic changes. The main challenge was to shift from “planned” economy to liberal market economy. The development of entrepreneurship in Lithuania had significant benefits, both economically and socially. Within the last 20 years, various authors analysed entrepreneurship phenomenon in Lithuania (Markevičius, 2001; Strazdienė and Garalis, 2006; Lydeka, 1998; Žukauskas and Stripeikis, 2004; Gineitienė and Girdenis, 2004; Andriuščenka, 2003; Stripeikis, 2011). The chapter analyses the context of the entrepreneurship process in Lithuania. Then it provides a case study of the Vičiūnai Group - one of the largest fish and seafood producers in Europe. The case study focuses on the evolution of the company as well as the success factors of development and internationalisation pathways. [From the publication]

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