The Aspects of performance measurement in public sector organization

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The Aspects of performance measurement in public sector organization
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Procedia - social and behavioral sciences. 2015, 213, p. 314-320. 20th International scientific conference "Economics and Management 2015 (ICEM-2015)"
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Našumo rodiklis; Viešasis sektorius; Viešojo sektoriaus organizacijos; Matavimo metodai; Performance measurement; Public sector; Public sector organization; Methods of performance measurement.

ENAt present the organizations of public sector are operating in the dynamical environment that forces the organizations to adjust to the constantly changing environmental conditions. The measurement of organization’s performance has been understood as one of management functions; however at present it is analyzed as the independently developing branch of science. In order to measure performance of public sector’s organizations, it is very important to apply suitable performance measurement methods. This article analyzes the possibility to apply the complex combination of performance measurement methods known in business sector and applied in public sector sometimes, as this combination would help to focus on the core decisions of the organization in public sector, induce development of internal processes, increase the employees’ motivation for improvement and would serve as a tool to define the entity’s improvement as any organization cannot work effectively and objectively without measuring its performance. [From the publication]

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