Kurtuvėnų bažnyčios fundatoriaus J. I. Nagurskio įkapinis kostiumas ir jo restauravimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Kurtuvėnų bažnyčios fundatoriaus J. I. Nagurskio įkapinis kostiumas ir jo restauravimas
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Burial clothes and their restoration of the founder of the Church in Kurtuvėnai J. I. Nagurskis
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Lietuvos dailės muziejaus metraštis [LDM metraštis]. 2007, t. 10, p. 156-163
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Apranga; Bajorai; J. I. Nagurskis; Kurtuvėnų bažnyčios fundatorius; 18 amžius; Palaidojimai; Restauracija; Restauravimas; Rūbas; Įkapinis kostiumas; Burial Clothes; Burials; Cloth; Clothing; Founder of the Church in Kurtuvėnai; J. I. Nagurskis; Lithuanian XVIII c. history'Noblemen; Restoration.
Apranga; Apsauga ir restauravimas / Preservation and restoration; Bajorai, didikai ir magnatai / Nobles and magnates; Religinis menas / Religious art; Kapinynai. Pilkapiai / Barrow. Burials; Restauracija; Rūbas.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article discusses the burial clothes and their restoration of J. I. Nagurskis, a representative of a famous family, Chamberlain of Samogitia and founder of the church in Kurtuvėnai. This noblemen was buried in a rare nowadays kontush costume girdled by a luxurious kontush sash. All the discovered artifacts are interesting and valuable not only as witnesses to their period. These things again reminded the complex history of the Commonwealth of the Two Nations and narrated the story of J. I. Nagurskis, the last representative of the famous Nagurskis family. In the crypt, together with clothes, were also found silk gloves and a scapular bearing the monograms of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ (IHS). The most interesting artifact, however, witnessing the remains of the church founder J. I. Nagurskis, is the Order of the White Eagle and the band of this award. All these things, which took much time of the restorers to bring back for their second life, will not only decorate the exposition of the Šiauliai Aušra Museum, but will once more call to memory complex windings of our nation’s history. [From the publication]

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