Biblijos frazeologizmai Jokūbo Brodovskio rankraštyje "Litauische Sprichwörter und Rätsel"

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Biblijos frazeologizmai Jokūbo Brodovskio rankraštyje "Litauische Sprichwörter und Rätsel"
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Biblical phraseology in Jokūbas Brodovskis's manuscript "Litauische Sprichwörter und Rätsel"
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Archivum Lithuanicum. 2016, t. 18, p. 9-46
Jokūbas Brodovskis; Frazeologizmai. Frazeologija / Phraseologisms. Phraseology.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Biblijos frazeologizmai; Jokūbas Brodovskis; Priežodžiai; Patarlės; Mįslės; Biblical phraseology; Jacob Brodowski; Proverbs; Sayings; Riddles.

ENThe article contains an analysis of the biblical phraseology in the manuscript collection of proverbs, sayings, and riddles Litauische Sprichwörter und Rätsel (LSR) that is kept in the Vrublevskis Library of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (LMAVB RS: f. 137 - 1). This collection was compiled by the precentor Jokūbas Brodovskis (Jacob Brodowski, 1692-1744) in Trempai (East Prussia) between 1716 and 1744 (it was known earlier as An anonymous collection of proverbs, sayings, and riddles). It is considered the first Lithuanian collection of idioms or dictionary of phraseology. Three categories may be singled out in an analysis of the biblical phraseology: (1) quotations; (2) idioms resembling quotations; (3) contextual idioms. In LSR's macrostructure, biblical phraseology (in the broad sense) constitutes only a small part of the text. The phrases that are direct quotations are especially scarce, and those that only resemble quotations are somewhat more frequent. They were mostly acquired from the German part of the grammar by Daniel Klein, Compendium Litvanico-Germanicum (1654; KIC). The primary layer of the manuscript contains few of them; most were inserted at a later time, when proverbs and sayings were added from the spoken language. Thus, initially Brodovskis did not intend to record them. Most probably he perceived the examples from Klein's grammar as typical and empirically-grounded examples for illustrating Lithuanian usage. In the context of LSR's macrostructure, the Bible quotations are literary phrases acquired from a written source. [...]. [From the publication]

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