Mokymas apie šeimą arkivyskupo Mečislovo Reinio teologijos magistro darbe

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Straipsnis / Article
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Mokymas apie šeimą arkivyskupo Mečislovo Reinio teologijos magistro darbe
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Teachings on family in the archbishop Mečislovas Reinys’ master of theology thesis
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Soter. 2014, 51 (79), p. 127-138
Petrapilio dvasinė akademija; Rašytinis palikimas; Teologijos magistro darbas; Šeima ir žmogaus teisės.
Spiritual Academy of Petrapilis; Written heritage; Master of theology thesis; Family and human rights.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje apžvelgiami arkivyskupo Mečislovo Reinio pirmieji mokslo žingsniai – teologijos magistro darbas „Krikščionybės pasirodymas daug prisidėjo prie dorovės kilimo“ („Apparitio christianisimi multum contulit ad promovendam doctrinam morum“). Darbas parašytas ir 1909 m. apgintas Petrapilio dvasinėje akademijoje. Aptariamos jo atsiradimo istorinės aplinkybės, analizuojama problema, detalizuojamas mokymas apie šeimą, santuoką ir vaikus. Tai itin svarbu šiais – Šeimos – metais. Šiemet taip pat minimos M. Reinio 130-osios gimimo metinės. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article emphasizes large but not well examined written heritage of the Archbishop Mečislovas Reinys and different areas of interest which it covers. The author examines the first academic steps of the Archbishop M. Reinys, mainly his master of theology thesis under the title “The appearance of Christianity greatly advanced the development of morality” (“Apparitio christianisimi multum contulit ad promovendam doctrinam morum”), which was written and defended in 1909 at the Spiritual Academy of Petrapilis. The reader will learn the historical reasons which might have influenced the particular choice of the topic for the thesis, the analysis of the problem, and will have a brief introduction of the teachings on family, marriage and children, found in this thesis. Such introduction is most valuable since this year was dedicated to the Family Life by the Lithuanian Conference of Catholic Bishops, and because this year we commemorate the 130th anniversary of the Archbishop M. Reinys’ birth. In his work M. Reinys wants to once again demonstrate that what was revealed by the doctrine must live and be passed on Christ’s Church and its members. M. Reinys reminds us anew of those truths by which he lived, preached and eventually sacrificed his life for. In preparation to publish all of his work, this master of theology thesis needs to be translated into Lithuanian. One could only wish that M. Reinys’ teaching would find response in people’s minds and hearts. [From the publication]

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