Ugdomų verslo imitacinės įmonės vadybinių kompetencijų įvertinimas: verslo imitacinės įmonės vadovų požiūris

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Straipsnis / Article
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Ugdomų verslo imitacinės įmonės vadybinių kompetencijų įvertinimas: verslo imitacinės įmonės vadovų požiūris
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Assessment of the managerial competences developed in business simulation enterprise: business simulation enterprise managers‘ approach
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2014, Nr. 2 (25) p. 35-42
LDB Open.
Ugdymas; Vadovai; Vadovas; Vadybinės kompetencijos; Vadybinės kompetencijos ugdymas; Verslo imitacinė įmonė
Business simulation enterprise; Education; Managerial competences; Managerial competences education; Managers
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje pristatoma verslo imitacinės įmonės samprata, verslo imitacinės įmonės integracija į aukštųjų mokyklų ugdymo procesą. Aukštųjų neuniversitetinių studijų metu studentai turi įgyti europietiško lygio vadybines kompetencijas, kurios leistų jiems lankščiai prisitaikyti ir konkuruoti darbo rinkoje. Tokio pobūdžio vadybines kompetncijas įgyti ar tobulinti jau turimas vadybines kompetencijas, jie gali profesinės veiklos praktikos metu verslo imitacinėse įmonėse. Todėl straipsnyje analizuojami ir apibendrinami vadybinių kompetencijų ugdymo įvertinimo verslo imitacinėje įmonėje tyrimo rezultatai. Jie atskleidė verslo imitacinių įmonių vadovų vertinimus verslo vadybos specialistų vadybinių kompetencijų ugdymo klausimais. Sudarytas ugdomų vadybinių kompetencijų verslo imitacinėje įmonėje sąrašas. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle represents the conception of Business Simulation Enterprise, integration of Business Simulation Enterprise into educational process of higher education institutions. During the higher non-university study process students must acquire managerial competence of European level that would give them the ability to adapt and compete in the labor market. During the Professional Activity Practice in Business Simulation Enterprise students are able to gain or improve such managerial competence. Business Simulation Enterprise is a method for forming students‘ practical skills, the necessity of which is dictated by nowadays situation of preparing Management and Economics professionals. Business Simulation Enterprise is a virtual firm of practical education in which retail and wholesale trade can be conducted, services (such as transportation, insurance, etc.) can be provided. Students working at this c enterprise have an opportunity to execute the economic analysis of personnel, purchases, sales and storage of goods (materials), analysis of marketing activities. These functions are performed on a rotational basis, when the possibility for each student to gain practice in every functional departments of the Enterprise is created. Establishment of Business Simulation Enterprise in a higher education institutions allow to bring the process of educating managerial competence closer to the business environment in which all activities of business enterprise can be simulated. In this way students‘ professional, social, personal and other important managerial competence are being formed. Created business environment let students to familiarize with chosen profession, not only to prepare for work but also to create their own business. These are the reasons for analysing and summarizing the results of the research in educating managerial competence in Business Simulation Enterprise.The results revealed evaluation of Business Simulation Enterprise‘managers in a subject of competence of business management professionals. According to quantitative study results, the managers of Business Simulation Enterprise set an education process of managerial competence in business simulation enterprise and according to them, these managerial competence in Business Simulation Enterprise‘s activity include: working with information, accuracy, creativity, organizational abilities, formation and development of team, written communication, time management, verbal communication, flexibility, effective relations, self–confidence, evaluation of achievements, self–control, determination, self–management, the pursuit of personal goals, etc. Therefore in order to educate managerial competence in Business Simulation Enterprise a list of 25 managerial competence was created. According to the opinion of Business Simulation Enterprise‘s managers managerial competence are strongly educated in Business Simulation Enterprise. [From the publication]

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