Jurbarko šnekta – žemaitiško ir aukštaitiško arealų susikirtimo vieta

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Jurbarko šnekta – žemaitiško ir aukštaitiško arealų susikirtimo vieta
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Jurbarkas subdialect: the intersection of the Samogitian and Aukštaitian areas
In the Book:
Leksikografija ir leksikologija. D. 5 / sudarė Aurelija Gritėnienė. Vilnius: Lietuvių kalbos institutas, 2015. P. 309-329
Aukštaičių arealas; Jurbarko šnekta; Leksika; Pereiginė šnekta; Skolinys; Tarmių tarpusavio sąveika; Vakarų aukštaičiai; Vokalizmas; Žemaičių arealas; Žodynas.
Aukštaitian area; Intersection of dialect's areas; Jurbarkas subdialect; Lexis; Loanword; Samogitian area; Transitional dialect; Vocalism; West Aukštaitian.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article discusses the Jurbarkas subdialect - the north-western edge of the West Aukštaitians of Kaunas, which is called the intersection of the Samogitian and Aukštaitian areas in dialectologsts' works, a transitional subdialect between the Aukštaitians and Samogitians, the Aukštaitian on the border of Samogitia and a transitional dialect. The goal of the article is to study the original features of this subdialect in a wider context, analysing not only the phonetic, morphological and syntactical peculiarities, but also lexical varieties as the influence of other dialects is first of all felt in the sphere of the lexis. Empirical data have been taken from the e-variant of the Lithuanian Language Dictionary (LKŽe), the texts of the Jurbarkas environs and the dictionary of the Jurbarkas subdialect, which is in preparation. The Jurbarkas subdialect has not only an original structure of its phonetics and morphology, but also its own lexical system. The lexis used by the Jurbarkas inhabitants comprises the areas of several subdialects: 1) the southern Samogitians of Raseiniai - the western Aukštaitians of Kaunas; 2) most of the Samogitian subdialects - western Aukštaitians of Kaunas and southern Aukštaitians; 3) the Samogitian subdialects, the Aukštaitians of the Klaipėda region - the'western Aukštaitinas of Kaunas; 4) the northern and southern Samogitian subdialects - the western Aukštaitians of Kaunas and Šiauliai, southern Aukštaitians and some subdialects of the eastern Aukštaitians; 5) only the subdialect of Jurbarkas. Research into the loanwords of the Jurbarkas subdialect (Germanisms and Slavisms) provides a variety of material that helps to reveal their history and establish with more accuracy the area where they are spread. Loanwords do not supersede native words but most often function as their synonyms. [From the publication]

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