Anglų kalbos žodžių vartojimas aukštesniųjų klasių mokinių tinklaraščiuose

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Anglų kalbos žodžių vartojimas aukštesniųjų klasių mokinių tinklaraščiuose
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Use of English words in high schoolers’ blogs
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Bendrinė kalba [Standard Language]. 2014, 87, p. 1-15
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Anglų kalba; Mokinių tinklaraščiai; Tinklaraščiai; Tinklaraščių kalba; Blog language; Blogs; English language; Pupil's blogs, blog's language; Pupils' blogs.
Anglų kalba / English language; Mokiniai / School students; Tinklaraščiai; Tinklaraščių kalba.
Blog language; Blogs; Pupils' blogs; Pupil's blogs, blog's language.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe current article analyses thirty blog texts (of 26 girls and 4 boys) written from January 2012 to May 2014. In the first part of the article, high schoolers’ blogs are briefly reviewed; in the second part, English words used in these blogs are studied, causes of their use are analysed, and concrete examples are given. During the research it was found out that the overall average number of words in blog texts totalled 304 words. More than half of the young bloggers were not anonymous and an even greater part of them shared their email addresses or links to social networks or personal internet web pages. All the blog texts analysed were written in Lithuanian letters (there were no texts written without diacritics). This shows that the authors adjust their writing, do not withdraw themselves from the standard language, and feel responsible for the publicly available text. In texts written in Lithuanian, bloggers tend to use many English words. The causes why authors insert English words can be varied. First, it is fashionable to use English words. Quite often, the use of such words is determined by authors’ interests and common activities. Not only individual English words but also phrases and famous sayings from movies, TV, games, etc. were observed. Most of English words found in blogs are those naming concepts of computer technologies. The blogs read revealed that the youth tends to write entire topic titles in English. Even though one can only speculate on the causes of such a choice, it is evident that this is done consciously and probably mostly in order to attract as many readers as possible and to look more modern and fashionable. [From the publication]

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