Profesionalumo tobulinimas tutoriaus veiklos kontekste: teoriniai ir empiriniai aspektai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Profesionalumo tobulinimas tutoriaus veiklos kontekste: teoriniai ir empiriniai aspektai
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Development of professionality within the context of tutorʼs activity: theoretical and empirical aspects
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Andragogika. 2014, Nr. 1 (5), p. 162-179
Mokymasis iš patirties; Mokymasis per veiklą; Profesionalas; Profesionalumas; Profesionalumo tobulinimas; Tutorius.
Development of professionality; Learning from experience; Learning through activities; Professional; Professional development of proffesionalizm; Professionalism; Tutor.
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LTStraipsnio mokslinė problema – kaip tobulinamas tutoriaus profesionalumas praktinėje veikloje? Tutoriaus veiklos kontekstas labai platus – nuo akademinio lauko iki amatininko dirbtuvių, taigi šiame straipsnyje nagrinėjamas tutoriaus profesionalumo tobulinimas dviejuose jo veiklos kontekstuose: akademiniame ir profesiniame. Teorinėse įžvalgose siekiama atskleisti, kaip tampama profesionalu, gebančiu kompetentingai atlikti savo veiklos funkcijas ir išlaikyti savo autonomiją, kas lemia profesionalumą, kaip tutoriaus profesionalumas gali būti tobulinamas praktinėje veikloje, ir kt. Apžvelgiamos profesionalo ir profesionalumo konceptų sampratos, aptariama tutoriaus veikla ir jos raiška akademiniame ir profesiniame kontekste, pagrindžiama profesionalumo tobulinimo ir mokymosi iš patirties sąsaja, atskleidžiama tutoriaus profesionalumo tobulinimo praktinėje veikloje esmė ir kt. Pateikiami ir analizuojami pagrindiniai empirinio tyrimo rezultatai: būsimų andragogų požiūriai į tutoriaus profesionalumą ir jo tobulinimą praktinėje veikloje. [Iš leidinio]

ENThis article delves into the development of professionality within the context of tutorʼs activity and purposefully reveals how one becomes a professional, able competently to perform activity functions and maintain ones autonomy; what decides professionalism; how it is developed in tutorʼs activity. This article overviews the concepts of a professional, professionality, and discusses tutorʼs activity and its manifestation, based on the interface of professional development and learning from experience in practice; reveals the essence of tutor‘s professional development in activity. It introduces the main research results: the approaches of future andragogues to professional development opportunities in tutorʼs activity. On theoretical and empirical research results the following can be stated: Tutor‘s activity is mostly associated with practice of helping to gain and enhance professional competence, and manifests in a large variety depending on activity context, objectives, functions, roles, support/assistance recipients and other factors. Not that much tutor‘s professionalism helps to improve operational experience, as its reflection, the ability to coordinate action and reflection, because operation is the basis of this process and reflection helps to move from knowledge to action, in order to develop operational performance skills, to understand why and how to act. In this way, the experience passes over to learning, learning – to professional development, and the latter – to qualitative activity. Tutorʼs professional development is inseparable from practice, personal resources (that arise from experience and are acquired in action) and reflection. Only the reflective practice leads to effective learning from experience, and experience – to the effective performance. Tutorʼs professional development opportunities within the context of activity, is associated with learning from experience pra.Tutorʼs professional development opportunities within the context of activity, is associated with learning from experience practical application. The improvement of professionality and learning from experience are directly related: learning from the experience creates new knowledge to improve professionality and the ability to learn from own experience provides success for this process. The reflection of experience creates preconditions to improve and construct further higher quality of work. Previously acquired knowledge and experience reflection helps to organize own professional development process efficiently. It follows that the results of the past and present activities reflection have a direct impact on the results of tutorʼs professional development in the future, become the basis for raising more specific objectives to achieve them, create preconditions for unfolding qualitative activities. The tutor is likely to become a highly qualified professional in his field if formalizes knowledge gained from experience, directly applies them in practice and provides for future performance improvement. Professional development opportunities will open to him, if he is open to the challenges of practical work, is willing to work and learn, lacks no knowledge and experience. [From the publication]

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