Lietuvos bankų socialinė atsakomybė darnaus vystymosi kontekste

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Lietuvos bankų socialinė atsakomybė darnaus vystymosi kontekste
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Corporate social responsibility of the banks in Lithuania in the context of sustainable development
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2012, Nr. 63, p. 19-33
Įmonių socialinė atsakomybė; Darnus vystymasis; Bankai.
Corporate social responsibility; Sustainable development; Banks’ analysis.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariama įmonių socialinės atsakomybės darnaus vystymosi kontekste teoriniai ir praktiniai aspektai. Remiantis sukaupta teorine ir praktine medžiaga jame analizuojama įmonių socialinės atsakomybės ir darnaus vystymosi sampratos bei įvertinama bankų veikla šioje srityje Lietuvoje. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle discusses theoretical and practical aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. According to the collected theoretical and practical material, it was analyzed the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The examination how the corporate social responsibility appears in the context of sustainable development and assessment of banks’ practice in Lithuania is done in this paper too. Due to the changes in the global world and business sphere it becomes more relevant to improve business performance when adjusting it to changed customers and society needs. The essential theoretical aspect – corporate social responsibility including the following components (the public workplace, the environment and the market) is directly related to the positive contributions of companies to the public that also helps to reach a greater integration of sustainable development in the society. Research object – corporate social responsibility in the context of sustainable development. Research objective is to examine how the corporate social responsibility appears in the context of sustainable development and to assess banks’ practice in Lithuania. Research tasks: to base corporate social responsibility’s relevance to sustainable development according to the scientific literature; to examine the concept of corporate social responsibility from a theoretical prospective; to evaluate the significant results of the already carried out empirical researches and to point out the novelty and relevance of this study; to reveal the characteristics of banks practice on social responsibility in Lithuania: the pros and cons; to analyze the empirical results of a study and prove or disprove the raised hypothesis.Comparative analysis of scientific literature, information structuring and summarizing techniques was used. The data analysis was used for the empirical research of the banking sector documents also two questionnaires were developed and implemented as a study. The results of the questionnaires were obtained by means of qualitative and quantitative methods. Corporate social responsibility represents the practical implementation of sustainable development in business throughout environmental and social spheres. Consequently, corporate social responsibility is a voluntarily business decision to act responsibly. The carried out empirical researches mostly reveals links between customers’ opinion and buying decisions but it is interesting to research the bank sector as a socially active institutions. The study shows that banks in Lithuania declare and try to act sustainably but philanthropic actions take the biggest part so far instead of more various effects that could be taken. [From the publication]

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