Viešasis diskursas kreipimosi į adresatą požiūriu: neformalumo link

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Viešasis diskursas kreipimosi į adresatą požiūriu: neformalumo link
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Public discourse as addressing the addressee: towards the informal style of speaking
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Gimtasis žodis. 2011, Nr. 5, p. 2-9, 39
Diskurso analizė, kreipimosi formos, viešosios kalbos privatėjimas; Kalbos kultūra; Neformalus bendravimas; Viešasis diskursas; Viešojo diskurso stiliai.
Discourse analyses, forms of address, privatisation of the public sphere; Informal communication; Language culture; Public discourse; Styles of public discourse.
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ENThe article analyses currently popular trends in making public space more private, namely speech simplifications and the domination of the informal style of speaking. The address tu - singular of you - is becoming more and more popular; it has been mentioned as one of the manifestations of informal public discourse. Lithuanian public discourse used to be linked with the formal plural form of addressing the individual addressee, i. e. respected plural pronoun jūs (you), or name and surname, naming a position or social standing, using ponas or gerbiamasis (Mister) with the surname or position, thus allowing the addressor and addressee who normally do not know each other to keep the distance, as well as rendering a respectful formal relationship. Informal means of expression - singular forms of addressing the addressee and using their name only - are penetrating into a public discourse and could be currently regarded as a new phenomenon. [text from author]

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