Mokinių patiriamo smurto bei savijautos ypatumai skirtingo tipo mokyklose

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Mokinių patiriamo smurto bei savijautos ypatumai skirtingo tipo mokyklose
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Link Between violence experienced by adolescents and their emotional state in different types of schools
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Pedagogika. 2008, 91, p. 60-65
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LTStraipsnyje aptariama smurto paplitimo ugdymo sistemoje problema. Remiantis autorių atlikto tyrimo duomenimis, analizuojama paauglių patiriamo smurto ir savijautos ypatumai skirtingo tipo (bendrojo lavinimo vidurinėje ir jaunimo) mokyklose. Nustatyta, kad jaunimo mokykloje smurto patiriama mažiau nei vidurinėje mokykloje. Be to, jaunimo mokykloje besimokančių mokinių yra geresnė savijauta, jiems labiau patinka mokykloje. [Iš leidinio]

ENViolence against children recently is one of the major problems in Lithuania and the whole world as well. This problem prevails everywhere, in the schools and outside their borders. the aim of this study is to investigate the spread of violence in schools, also the emotional state of schoolchildren in different types of schools. The questionnaires of the study made by the authors of this publication were used to estimate the spread of violence and emotional state of adolescents in different types of schools. In the research participated 14–16 year old adolescents from jaunimo (youth) and Dzūkijos secondary schools of alytus. 171 is the overall number of respondents, who were questioned in the study: 115 males (67.3 %) and 56 females (32.7 %). This research indicated that the spread of violence in the secondary schools is higher than in the youth schools. adolescents claim that most often they suffer from their contemporaries and not so often from the grown-ups. Differentiating the type of violence by gender it is established that girls most often suffer psychological violence, whereas boys experience both physical and psychological violence.It is also interes ting to note that 81,8 % of girls and 55,6 % of boys from the youth school, who at present do not experience any acts of violence in their previous schools, experienced it. The link between violence in the schools and bad emotional state is identified among adolescents. abused teenagers are characterized by worse psychological state. Analysis of the research data indicates that schoolchildren of the youth school like their school more than the schoolchildren of the secondary school. Results of the study also indicate that the better emotional state is among adolescents of the youth school. They feel safer than their contemporaries of the secondary school. In summary analysis of the research data supposes that the youth school is in the right way preventing violence and helping for adolescents to feel safer. [From the publication]

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