Suvalkiečių dainuojamoji tradicija: savitas muzikinis Lietuvos dialektas ar kaimyninių regionų paribys

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Straipsnis / Article
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Suvalkiečių dainuojamoji tradicija: savitas muzikinis Lietuvos dialektas ar kaimyninių regionų paribys
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Singing tradition in Suvalkija: peculiar Lithuanian dialect or the periphery of neighbouring regions
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Lietuvos muzikologija [Lithuanian Musicology]. 2002, 3, p. 182-192
Dainuojamoji tradicija; Etnogenezė; Istorija; Kalbinis dialektas; Muzikinis Lietuvos dialektas; Muzikinis dialektas; Stilistiniai sluoksniai; Suvalkiečių dainuojamoji tradicija; Suvalkija; Žanrinė sistema.
Ethno-genesis; Genre system; History; Language dialect; Musical dialect; Musical dialect of Lithuania; Singing tradition; Stylistic layers; Suvalkija; The singing tradition of Suvalkija.
Summary / Abstract:

LTTyrimų objektas – suvalkiečių dainuojamoji tradicija. Tikslas – sisteminant pagrindinius šio regiono melodikos raiškos ypatumus (žanrinės sistemos charakteristika, stilistinis susluoksniavimas), bandyti nustatyti, ar ši tradicija gali pretenduoti būti išskiriama, kaip atskiras muzikinis Lietuvos dialektas. Metodai – analitinis aprašomasis, istorinis, tipoliginis-lyginamasis, apibendrinimo. Rezultatai – grindžiama prielaida, kad suvalkiečių dainuojamoji tradicija atitinka nusistovėjusius, nors ir neformalizuotus, kriterijus, taikomus lokalinei tradicijai, kaip atskiram muzikiniam dialektui, išskirti. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe authors, who carried out researches on the regional musical dialects of Lithuania (J. Čiurlionytė, L. Burkšaitienė, A. Nakienė), give a very fragmented overview on the singing tradition of Suvalkija and do so in the context of the neighbouring regions (Dzūkija, the present Kaliningrad region, Aukštaitija). The author of the article provides the analysis and systematises the peculiarities of the melodic expression of the region with the aim to prove that the Suvalkija tradition meets the settled, although non-formalized, criteria applied for the distinction of the local tradition as a separate musical dialect.Suvalkija is to be considered an independent musical stylistic zone with the characteristic aggregate of artistic and musical-poetical means of expression because it is an ethnographic region of Lithuania, which has: a clearly defined territory; a peculiar language dialect; a vividly expressed regional individuality of the residents as an ethnic group, which organically fused the elements of character of various neighbouring regions' ethnic groups; complex history, which determined its oneness among the Lithuanian regional traditions; specific customs, which have remained only there, and the regional peculiarities of certain customs that are widespread in Lithuania; a rich genre system of the singing tradition, which consists both of the local and very archaic forms and genres (work songs (pasturage, rye-cutting, hay harvest), wedding ritual songs, some children songs; this layer of melodic is also supplemented with the scanty remains of calendar rituals and lamentation songs - a separate structural section of the melodic) as well as all the genres characteristic of the later lyric stylistic; from the stylistic point of view, a very diverse but peculiar melodic, which was determined by the historical fate of this region. [From the publication]

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