Rengimasis karjerai socialinių transformacijų laikotarpiu : Lietuvos gimnazijose egzistuojančių prielaidų analizė

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Straipsnis / Article
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Rengimasis karjerai socialinių transformacijų laikotarpiu: Lietuvos gimnazijose egzistuojančių prielaidų analizė
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Career education at the time of social transformation: analysis of preconditions in Lithuania gymnasiums
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Socialiniai mokslai. 2000, Nr. 1 (22), p. 85-97
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Gimnazija; Karjera; Kompetencijos; Socialinė transformacija; Ugdymas karjerai; Švietimas; Career; Career education; Competencies; Education; Gymnasium; Social transformation.
Gimnazijos; Karjera / Career; Kompetencijos / Competencies; Socialinė transformacija; Švietimas; Ugdymas / Education.
Gymnasium; Social transformation.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama žmogaus rengimosi karjerai socialinių transformacijų laikotarpiu problema. Pristatoma vieno iš šios problemos sprendimo etapų - edukacinių rengimosi karjerai prielaidų Lietuvos gimnazijose tyrimo - dalis: moksleivių nuomonių tyrimas. Pateikiami jo teoriniai pagrindai, metodika, rezultatai bei rezultatų analizė. Pastaroji parodė, kad gimnazijoje sukuriamos prielaidos moksleiviams pasirengti karjerai, tačiau jos yra nepakankamos. Edukacinių prielaidų moksleiviams pasirengti karjerai nepakankamumas pasireiškia jų netolygumu. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe time of social transformation challenge changes in all areas of life. It makes essential impact on the world of work. The change of characteristics in the world of work demands new qualities from people in their own career. The secondary school has one goal: to create preconditions themselves for students to prepare for the future career. Indispensable skills are acquired exactly in this stage of education. Up to now there is no concept or strategy of career education in Lithuania. The question is: what system of career education should be to satisfy the requirements of specific conditions in Lithuania (or other post soviet country). The article presents one of the stages of solving this problem. This is the research of preconditions of career education in Lithuania gymnasiums. The article consists of four parts. Theoretical basis of empirical research is presented in the first part. Here an integral character of career education is emphasised. It determines the complexity of research of career education preconditions. The second part presents the design of research. The results of research are presented in the third part. They are analysed in the fourth part of the article. The general conclusions are presented at the end of the article. The analysis of the results shows that preconditions of career education exist, but they are not adequate. Inadequacy of the preconditions shows itself in non-evenness. The best preconditions are for development of social and educational competencies, the worst ones - for development of professional competencies. [text from author]

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