Elulooja suulise ajaloo uurimine Leedus

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Straipsnis / Article
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Elulooja suulise ajaloo uurimine Leedus
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Biographical and oral history research in Lithuania
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Mäetagused. Hüperajakiri. 2009, Iss. 43, p. 145-158
Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity; Politinė ideologija / Political ideology.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Biografiniai tyrimai; Tapatybė; Mažumos; Žodinės istorijos; Regioniniai tyrimai; Socializmas; Post-socializmas; Biographical research in sociology; Identity; Minorities; Oral history; Regional studies; Socialism; Post-socialism.

ENThe article provides an overview of the main topics and areas of biographical and oral history research in Lithuania starting from the 1990s. The overview covers studies that analyze oral or written autobiographical narratives or deal with personal experiences of historical events. A brief summary is also given of the institutional activities in collecting biographical information and establishing archives in Lithuania. The issues and areas of biographical research in Lithuania confirm that while analyzing individual biographies of the people of Lithuania it is difficult to avoid the historical dimension, which reflects the relation of an individual with the historical factors and changes (especially, the Soviet and German occupations and the post-Socialist coup). The individual and the collective need to cope with the socio-political breaks and changing regimes have to a considerable degree determined both: the generation and collection of narratives of personal reminiscences as well as the biographical and oral history research. [From the publication]

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