Lietuvos respublikos viešojo sektoriaus tarnautojų verbavimo ir atrankos sistemos tobulinimas

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuvos respublikos viešojo sektoriaus tarnautojų verbavimo ir atrankos sistemos tobulinimas
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Improvement of the public sector employee recruitment and selection system in the republic of Lithuania
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Reikšminiai žodžiai: Atranka; Valstybės tarnautojas; Valstybės tarnyba; Verbavimas; Viešasis sektorius; Civil servant; Civil service; Public sector; Recruitment; Selection.
Administravimas. Valstybės tarnyba / Administration. Public service; Atranka; Personalo vadyba / Personnel management; Viešasis sektorius.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojama Lietuvos Respublikos viešojo sektoriaus tarnautojų verbavimo ir atrankos sistema. Nagrinėjami bendri teoriniai ir praktiniai verbavime ir atrankose taikomi metodai (būdai), analizuojami jų privalumai ir trūkumai. Išryškinamos problemos esant nustatytai tvarkai. Atlikto tyrimo rezultatas atskleidžia esamus trūkumus. Remiantis atlikto tyrimo duomenimis, autorius siūlo konkrečias rekomendacijas, sprendimo būdus, leidžiančius pašalinti arba sušvelninti egzistuojančias problemas. [Iš leidinio]

ENImportance of employee recruitment and selection is growing due to constant changes in law acts regulating civil service. Lithuania's scientists who analyse various topics related to personnel management and usually discussed issues value over the general prism without considering public sector's peculiarity. This difference results in particular recruitment and selection method application or internal system' problems solving the peculiarities. The public sector does not always manage to apply effective recruitment and selection methods existing in practice. The aim of this article is to identify public sector employee recruitment and selection system advantages and disadvantages and make some recommendations on how to solve the existing problems in the Republic ofLithuania. The object of the study: the system of public sector servant recruitment and selection in the Republic of Lithuania. The tasks of the study: to evaluate the current situation in the public sector servant recruitment/selection system; to emphasize the dominant problems of the system and to propose specific recommendations and ways of solving problems. The methods of the study: systemic analysis of the scientific literature and regulations. Current order in employment in civil service is flexible.The methods of public sector recruitment and selection procedures are analysed in the article and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Public sector organisations make insufficient use of the following methods of recruitment and selection: usage of inner resources of the organization, selection according to recommendations of the current employees, advertising in newspapers, search in higher education institutions, services of placement agencies, participation in career days, advertising and databases on the Internet, services of state labour exchanges, usage of services of special consultative companies. The existing issues are nigh lighted and specific solutions are proposed. The research revealed the existing shortcomings of this system. On the grounds of research findings the author of the article analyses problem solvation ways presented by theorists and practicians, and proposes concrete recommendations that would allow the existing issues to be removed or mitigated. [...]. [From the publication]

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