The International recognitions of Lithuania and their value (1918-1924)

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The International recognitions of Lithuania and their value (1918-1924)
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Leedu rahvusvaheline tunnustamine ja selle tähtsus 1918-1924
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Acta Historica Tallinnensia. 2022, 28, 2, p. 295-329
Teisės istorija / History of law; Šalies nepriklausomybė / National independence; 20 amžius. 1918-1940; Lietuva (Lithuania); Latvija (Latvia); Estija (Estonia).
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ENThis article analyses the process of Lithuania's international recognition in the period of 1918-1924. It attempts to determine the legal meaning (theoretical and practical aspects) of the international recognition granted to Lithuania by different countries. It examines the hindering and driving factors for international recognition; correlations between different cases; their evaluations; and, their legal and political value. It is concluded that, in most cases, other countries were encouraged to establish de facto relations with Lithuania and to grant de facto and de jure recognition on the basis of the factual situation and real-life practice. The major obstacle that hindered de jure recognition was the principle of an "indivisible Russia" and Lithuania's dispute with Poland over Vilnius. The first recognitions de jure, which were obtained from Germany and Soviet Russia as the former sovereigns, as well as the recognitions conferred by the five Great Powers and the Holy See, conveyed the greatest legal and political value in establishing the independent state of Lithuania. Keywords: international recognition; de facto recognition; de jure recognition; legal and political value; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania. [From the publication]

1406-2925; 1736-7476
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