Pro suprema laurea: the Vilnius university collection of final theses (1579-1773)

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Pro suprema laurea: the Vilnius university collection of final theses (1579-1773)
16 amžius; Abiejų Tautų Respublika. ATR (1569 - 1795) / Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
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ENAs a whole, the final theses written and defended at Vilnius University from 1579 to 1773 are a significant specific historical source and can be considered, both in form and content, an archival phenomenon that merits scholarly attention. This article presents the Vilnius University Library collection of final theses printed at the university press and for which an academic degree was granted during the Jesuit period (1579-1773). Based on the historiographical data, the collection makes up half of the publications printed by the Vilnius University Press during the university’s Jesuit period and amounts to a total of 62 published titles. The article first briefly presents the procedures involved in receiving an academic degree: the compulsory elements, the process, the official regulations of the Jesuit Order, eligible candidates and participating individuals. With no pretence at an analysis of content, the article discusses the subject matter, structure and scope of the final theses as one of the forms of the systematic accumulation of knowledge in the sixteenth to eighteenth century. Notable aspects of the thesis writing and defence process as well as of the collection itself are observed and possibilities for further research are discussed. Keywords: Vilnius University, Jesuit, academic thesis, academic degree, theses, dissertation. [From the publication]

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