Lietuvių kalbos mokymo ir mokymosi metodai ugdymo paradigmų kontekste

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Lietuvių kalbos mokymo ir mokymosi metodai ugdymo paradigmų kontekste
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Teaching and learning methods of Lithuanian language in the context of educational paradigms
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Gimtoji kalba mokykloje. 2017, 5/6, p. 6-21
Lietuvių kalba; Metodas; Mokymosi paradigma; Sąveikos paradigma; Tradicinė (mokymo) paradigma; Tradicinė mokymo paradigma; Ugdymo paradigma.
Educational paradigm; Interaction paradigm; Learning paradigm; Lithuanian language; Method; Paradigm of interaction; Traditional (teaching) paradigm; Traditional training paradigm.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe articles analyses a topical problem of the beginning of the 21st century, i.e. how relevant methods of teaching Lithuanian language and literature are applied during the lessons in Lithuanian and foreign schools with regard to the changing content of educational paradigms. The first part of the article discusses the concept of paradigm and theoretical parameters of three educational paradigms. The methods applied in the lessons are emphasised and grouped in terms of provisions of each paradigm. The second part analyses the way different teaching methods are applied in the lessons by teachers of Lithuanian language. Previously, the training (impact or traditional) paradigm was much more prevalent in the educational process. Currently, teachers creatively apply the methods of various paradigms with regard to goals and objectives of the lesson, age of pupils, and prevailing linguistic environment. The research has shown that teachers are aware of and apply a variety of methods and elements of interaction and learning paradigms, thus differentiating and individualising education. [From the publication]

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