Aktyvieji mokymosi metodai: naujos formos ir galimybės

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Aktyvieji mokymosi metodai: naujos formos ir galimybės
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Active learning methods: a new form and opportunities
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Geografija ir edukacija [Geography and education]. 2015, Nr. 3, p. 117-127
Aktyvieji mokymo(si) metodai; Aktyvieji mokymosi metodai; Kritinis mąstymas; Mokinys; Mokytojas; Motyvacija.
Active learning methods; Critical thinking; Motivation; Student; Teaching.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article discusses the active teaching methods, the value of motivation in their training by learning the discipline of geography. This investigation I chose, because shifting the paradigm of modern learning results and affects fundamental change educator and in students activities. The current school devotes a lot of the time for the presentation of knowledge and conveyance. This is doing for that, because students could acquire general education competencies. However, all this doesn’t have a deeper connection with other relevant things for the student, and after all in our life it is important to apply the knowledge in practice. It is obvious that for the teacher isn’t enough to perform only knowledge convey and assessor roles. On the basis of a new understanding, training is considered to be an active process, during the time learner who on the basis of previously acquired knowledge and their unique experiences, forming a new concepts, ideas or meanings. The teacher’s role is understood as a helper who take care of the learner’s knowledge creation process, as well as communicating and watching students, in a flexible and creatively include them to teaching process. The modern teaching demands to organize a teaching process, that would be targeted and adapted teaching methods in classes, that students correctly uptake knowledges, themselves do mentally active work, contemplating in self and deliberately acting. So it’s particularly important step for the correct choice of the method. To organize this learning in which the student immersed and incurred the feeling, far more likely that learning quality would be better. For that is applied active learning methods.The investigation had shown that teachers know of the education change trends, requirement documents, and therefore claims that they use active teaching methods, but quite often they don’t look to the pupil as an active developer of the equivalent of the learning process, or a participant, but like a teachers tasks and commands executer. Meanwhile the students consider themselves more active than my teachers and as it shown by the research that they are able to raise themselves personal learning objectives and pursue them, so they have more time for lessons on their own active learning activities. [From the publication]

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