The Institution and its employees compatibility values: case of the Lithuanian police

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The Institution and its employees compatibility values: case of the Lithuanian police
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Human resources management and ergonomics [HRM&E]. 2012, vol. 7, no. 2, p. 6-18
Moralinės vertybės; Motyvuojantys veiksniai; Organizacinės vertybės; Profesinės vertybės.
Moral values; Motivating factors; Organizational values; Professional values.
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ENIn the paper, on the basis of sociological studies results, the police officers value orientations and their relationship with the implementation of performance management and employee incentive scheme in the police organization are analysed. At the end, the value orientations and theoretical aspects of their change are discussed; police officers value orientations change are disclosed; influence of the institutions on the formation of value orientations of the police officers is examined. Possible conflicts between personal beliefs and institutions directives and its operating methods can be combined to achieve consensus, compromise and improvement, however, cannot be ignored. Many police officers value orientations in two decades have changed: at the expense of moral values pragmatism, and personal satisfaction goal reinforced. The state should recognize the changed value preferences and reorganize the structure of the police administration, personnel management policies and develop the value-driven incentive system. The study results conclude that due to imperfection of some rules of law regulating the police work, common management and administration mistakes, lack of funds, the police structure and the personal employees’ values lack of compatibility. This can complicate the implementation of the institution objectives. [From the publication]

1337-0871; 1338-4988
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