Der Begriff "locus" in den Ordensdokumenten

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Straipsnis / Article
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Der Begriff "locus" in den Ordensdokumenten
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Concept "locus" in the Order documents
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Индоевропейское языкознание и классическая филология [Indo-European linguistics and classical philology]. 2011, 15, p. 57-68. Материалы чтений, посвященных памяти профессора И. М. Тронского, 20–22 июня 2011 г
Prūsija (Prussia); Dokumentai / Documents; Geografija / Geography; Prūsai / Prussians; Prūsų kalba / Prussian language; Vietovardžiai. Toponimai / Toponyms; Žodžių kilmė. Etimologija / Word origin. Etymology.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Dokumentas; Etimologija; Geografinis objektas; Kilmė; Lotynų kalba; Prūsai; Prūsija; Prūsų kalba; Sąvoka locus; Toponimas; Vieta (locus); Vietovardžiai; Definition locus; Document; Etymology; Geographical object; Old Prusssian; Origin; Place (locus); Place names; Prussia; Prussians; The Latin language; Toponym.

ENThe present article examines an interesting phenomenon observed in the Order documents where Prussian toponyms, in this case – toponyms of Semba mostly, microtoponyms, are recorded. In the document dating back to the year 1331, the establishment of the borders in the lands of Semba between those owned by the bishop and by the Order is described. Two copies of the document, A and B, also called codices, are contained in the document book of Semba. The document includes 32 toponyms described by the Latin word locus. In most cases the reconstruction of the authentic forms of these toponyms as well as explanation of their origin help to reveal the meaning of the word locus. The toponyms characterised as locus may mean a village (e.g. in loco Lasanas), a meadow (e.g. in loco Wesgintz), a hill (e.g. in loco Lulegarbis), etc. As one the main aims of research in Prussian onomastics is a precise definition of interdependence between each toponym and its exact object, it is necessary to examine the context of toponym having been recorded and to determine what locus could mean in each case. [From the publication]

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