Altpreußische Eigennamen in den auf Latein und Mitteldeutsch verfassten Quellen

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Straipsnis / Article
Vokiečių kalba / German
Altpreußische Eigennamen in den auf Latein und Mitteldeutsch verfassten Quellen
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Old Prussian proper names in sources, written in Latin and Middle German
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Индоевропейское языкознание и классическая филология [Indo-European linguistics and classical philology]. 2012, 16, p. 59-73. Материалы чтений, посвященных памяти профессора И. М. Тронского, 18-20 июня 2012 г
Prūsai / Prussians; Tikriniai vardai. Onimai. Onomastika / Onomastics. Proper names; Vietovardžiai. Toponimai / Toponyms; Vokiečių kalba / German language; Tikriniai vardai. Onomastika / Onomastics. Proper names.
Summary / Abstract:

LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Autentiška vietovardžio forma; Istoriniai šaltiniai; Lotynų kalba; Prūsai; Prūsija; Prūsų vardai; Tikriniai vardai; Vidurio vokiečių kalba; Vietovardžiai; Vokiečių Ordinas (Teutonic Order; Kryžiuočių ordinas); Authentic form of a place name; Historical sources; Latin; Middle German; Place names; Proper names; Prussia; Prussian; Prussian proper names; The Teutonic Order.

ENThe article addresses the problems of spelling of Prussian proper names recorded in the manuscript documents of the German Order written in Latin and Middle German that functioned as the official languages of the Order. It has been long since the author of the article first brought up the idea that to achieve a reliable analysis of the Prussian proper names, we have to take the language of each document recording Prussian proper names into account and to prepare a new collection of Prussian proper names which would also be available online and contain the context of each proper name, which often helps to give a precise definition of a proper name and to get an exact localization of the object denoted by the name. The article analyses the document significant to the Prussian proper names – the act of division of Sambia to the areas belonging to the bishop and the Order. The document was recorded [1331] and printed in the book of Sambian documents. Several transcripts are known: A and B in Latin and E in Middle German. The article addresses the place names of varied spelling. Authentic forms of Prussian place names are restored and their origins are briefly explained. It is concluded that the variation in the spelling of Prussian place names is also determined by the fact that the scribes of the Order used to write them down from the spoken language, which the scribes were not the only ones to misunderstand. [From the publication]

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