Векторы сравнительных исследований литовского и украинского наследий традиционной музыки

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Векторы сравнительных исследований литовского и украинского наследий традиционной музыки
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Comparative studies vectors of Lithuanian and Ukrainian traditional music heritages
Lithuania; Traditional Music; Comparative studies; Traditional songs; Traditional musical instruments.
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ENPurpose of this research article is to present preliminary results of comparative studies of the Lithuanian and Ukrainian heritage of traditional music. In addition our goal is to draw attention to this scientific work area for a number of ethnomusicologists from our countries. The methodology of our research is a systemic and comparative-analytical approach to the subject of our research field. The scientific novelty of the text lies in the continuing inadequate attention to joint comparative studies for the musical folklore researchers both from Lithuania and Ukraine. Conclusions. Explicit similarities in comparative studies of the Lithuanian-Ukrainian folk-musical heritage are visible in all three of its main areas – traditional instrumental music, folk songs and traditional choreography. But the concrete results of such studies are still waiting for us in the future. So far, more or less the similarities of our traditional tools are outlined. Studies of the similarities in repertoire of such folklore carriers are still waiting for us. The similarities of the texts of our folk songs in recent years are manifested in an increasing order, but to more voluminous generalizations here too far. At all, studies of the obvious similarities between individual traditional dances, ritual choreography have not been initiated. [From the publication]

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