Selection criteria for evaluating contractors of cultural heritage objects

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Straipsnis / Article
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Selection criteria for evaluating contractors of cultural heritage objects
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Procedia engineering. 2017, vol. 208, p. 90-97
Kultūros paveldas / Cultural heritage.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: AHP; Ekspertinis vertinimas; Kultūros paveldas; Kultūros paveldo pasauga; Rangovai; Rangovas; Įvertinimas; Analytic hierarchy process (AHP); Contractor; Cultural heritage; Cultural heritage preservation; Evaluation; Expert estimates; Lithuania.

ENCultural heritage buildings are very important footprints of our history. Cultural heritage’s performance requires more of responsibility and experience, careful attention, knowledge of building materials and structure, teamwork and qualified employee. The inappropriate contractor’s selection could induce claims, disputes, failures, litigation, low-quality work, and increased costs for project management and performance. This study proposes a quantitative criteria selection for heritage’s contractor selection. This paper provides criteria for selecting contractors, reviews current situation of contractor selection in Lithuania, and determines the evaluation criteria of the contractor selection for heritage buildings. This study applies the expert evaluation and agreement of their estimates and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). Making an expertise - based decision, it is necessary to determine the concordance degree of expert evaluation. The concordance coefficient can be calculated only if the considered criteria are ranked. The AHP method was applied to quantitative evaluation of the criteria significance (weight). The AHP method determines the agreement of estimates provided by each expert separately. [From the publication]

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