Research on competencies of human resources in transport sector : Lithuanian case study

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Straipsnis / Article
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Research on competencies of human resources in transport sector: Lithuanian case study
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Procedia Engineering. 2016, 134, p. 336-343
Kompetencijos / Competencies; Transportas / Transport.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Kompetencijos; Žmogiškieji ištekliai; Žmogiškieji ištekliai transporto sektoriuje; Žmogiškųjų išteklių valdymas; Competencies; Human resource management; Human resources; Human resources in transport sector.

ENThe primary goal of each organization is to maximize the profits, take the larger share of the market or to provide the best service possible. In order to implement this goal, organizations must have unique resources, i.e. – human resources. Effective management of human resources is an important factor in achieving the goals and benefits of an organization, individual and society. No less important is the acquired qualifications and competencies of the employees. There are cases when the lack of competencies encourages the employers to seek for certain alternatives: either exchange young specialists into experienced ones or invest in them time and money. Additional investments are expensive for the companies, especially in the areas where quick orientation in the current situation is required (eg. Transport sector). Therefore, a qualified transport specialist is a great asset of the company. Theoretical aspects of human resources are discussed in the paper. On the basis of diverse works of the authors, the paper analyses and discusses management processes, human resource competencies in transport sector, issues and perspectives, as well as provides the results of the research. [From the publication]

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