Visagino miesto suaugusiųjų gyventojų mokymosi motyvacijos ypatumai

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Visagino miesto suaugusiųjų gyventojų mokymosi motyvacijos ypatumai
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Motivation peculiarities of adult training
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 4, p. 67-74
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Mokymasis visą gyvenimą; Mokymosi motyvacija; Motyvacija; Motyvas; Suaugusieji; Adults; Learning motivation; Life long learning; Life-long learning; Motivation; Motive.
Pedagogika / Pedagogy; Motyvacija ugdyme / Motivation in education; Suaugusieji.
Summary / Abstract:

ENLife-long learning for knowledge societies becomes fundamental for educational process. Motivation, expectations and contentment of people take a very important place in today’s learning. The most important objectives of today’s educational process are providing answers to current challenges and essential questions as well as helping to seize new opportunities for society and individuals. The objective of this research is to explore the motivation, motives and problems of life-long learning of residents in Visaginas tcfwn. The tasks of the research are following: to explore residents’ point of view towards life-long learning; define the motives of adults which force them to start studying again; analyze what conditions residents of Visaginas have; define issues which impede more active involvement of adults into life-long earning; provide with recommendations on how to nurture residents’ point of view on life-long learning. The analysis was done in November, 2005 and took place in Visaginas National Language Center, in “Draugystes” secondary school (adult classes) as well as in other public institutions.During this research the residents of Visaginas town were asked to answer a question on how they perceive and value life-long learning and what is their point of view towards it. After the answers were figured out it could be concluded that the greatest part of residents think that life-long learning is obligatory (91,5 %). Only 9 % of residents perceive life-long learning as a subject of current lifestyle fashion. These results reveal that residents of Visaginas town are positive towards life-long learning and they value constant learning. The most significant motives of life-long learning for the residents are found to be: willingness to be active in social life; keeping pace with current life; staying good professionals; retraining to the other professional field; anxiety to lose their current work. The main impediments for life-long learning defined by people in Visaginas were the lack of time and scarcity of financial resources. [From the publication]

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