Jaunimo verslios aplinkos plėtra: viešojo ir NVO sektorių bendradarbiavimas Kaune

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Straipsnis / Article
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Jaunimo verslios aplinkos plėtra: viešojo ir NVO sektorių bendradarbiavimas Kaune
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Development of youth entrepreneurial environment: analysis of cooperation of public and non-governmental sectors in Kaunas
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Socialinis ugdymas [Social Education]. 2014, Nr. 2 (38), p. 145-159
Bendradarbiavimas; Jaunimas; Nevyriausybinis sektorius; Versli aplinka; Viešasis sektorius.
Cooperation; Entrepreneurial environment; Non-governmental sector; Public sector; Young people.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariami viešojo ir nevyriausybinio sektorių bendradarbiavimo teoriniai aspektai. Analizuojama sukurta jaunimo organizacijų verslios aplinkos plėtros schema, įvertinamas Kauno miesto savivaldybės ir jaunimo organizacijų bendradarbiavimas. Daroma prielaida, kad sektorių bendradarbiavimas sustiprėtų, jeigu Kauno miesto savivaldybė rodytų daugiau iniciatyvos, o jaunimo organizacijos plėstų savo verslią veiklą. [Iš leidinio]

ENResearch problem is that Kaunas city, rated as the most academic Lithuanian city, does not maximally utilize the potential of its youth. Collaboration with Kaunas youth organizations is superficial. Research aim is to analyze the collaboration between the public and the nongovernmental sectors in Kaunas city and make recommendations on how to improve the entrepreneurial environment for young people. Semi-structured interview method was used to conduct the qualitative research. The content analysis has shown that the role of Kaunas youth organizations in the management of municipality is not adequate, as it pertains to their work development as well as making the decisions that are important for the city. Collaboration could be reinforced: if Kaunas city municipality showed more initiative when communicating with the youth, if it revaluated and enhanced the mechanism of financing the projects; if the bureaucratic obstacles were minimized. While striving to reinforce the collaborative relationships the youth organizations should expand their practice and make it more meaningful and purposeful. It is imperative for the collaboration to occur not only in the problem-solving context. [From the publication]

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