Die Reste des verschollenen Königsberger Exemplars des handschriftlichen Lysius-Katechismus (1719)

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Die Reste des verschollenen Königsberger Exemplars des handschriftlichen Lysius-Katechismus (1719)
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Linguistica Baltica. 2001, vol. 9, p. 7-28
Fockas, Johannas Friedrichas; Lutheris, Martinas; Bažnyčia / Church; Rankraščiai / Manuscripts.
Summary / Abstract:

LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Fockas, Johannas Friedrichas; Katekizmas; Lutherio "Mažasis katekizmas"; Lutheris, Martinas; Lyzijaus katekizmas; Pastorius; Piascovius, Johannas Albertas; Prūsija; Rankraštis; Rytų Prūsija [East Prussia]; Catechism; East Prussia; Fock, Johann Friedrich; Luther Kleiner Katechismus; Luther, Martin; Lysius; Manuscript; Pastor; Piascovius, Johann Albert; Prussia.

ENThe paper deals with a number of problems connected with the genesis of the manuscript Gcrman- Lithuanian version of Luther’s Kleiner Katechismus composed in East Prussia in 1719 (the so-called Lysius Catechism). On the basis of a historical and linguistic analysis of the text it is shown that the fragments which Carl Rudolph Jacoby published in the Altpreussische Monatsschrift in 1880 (the title, the prefaces to the King and to the pastors, and the signatures of the pastors) are relics of the Königsberg copy of the Catechism, now no longer extant. The following differences between the Berlin and the Königsberg copies should be noted: a divergence as to the number of pastors that signed both copies, a different sequence of occurrence of the signatures, discrepancies in the texts of the pastors’ inscriptions, and differences in other text fragments. The identity of two pastors that signed only one copy (the Berlin copy) is established: they were Johann Friedrich Fock and Johann Albert Piascovius, who were not known until now in the history of Lithuanian literature as verifiers of the Lysius Catechism. A comparison of fragments of the Berlin manuscript with letters by Lysius’ own hand shows that the prefaces to the King and to the pastors arc not autographs of Lysius, but transcripts signed by him. [From the publication]

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