Investicijų skatinimas Lietuvoje: perspektyvūs strateginiai sprendimai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Investicijų skatinimas Lietuvoje: perspektyvūs strateginiai sprendimai
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Promotion of investment in Lithuania: perspective strategic solutions
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Viešasis administravimas [Public Administration]. 2012, Nr. 2, p. 38-49
Investicijos; Investicijų skatinimas.
Investments; Promotion of investment.
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ENThe article analyzes the condition of the internal and foreign investments in Lithuania, states that the growth rates of the internal and foreign investments in the national economy are slow and Lithuania lags behind the neighboring countries according to many indicators (accumulated FDI per capita; ratio of accumulated FDI to GDP). It is noticed that the forthcoming flows of foreign investments go to uncompetitive sectors of the economy; and thus, little contribute to the development of the national economy. The article states that the labor productivity in the country is low, and the production is not advanced: the traditional production oriented to the processing of the raw materials by using the medium-low and low technologies dominates. Although a certain part of the measures stipulated in the Investment Promotion Programme was implemented in the period of the years 2008 through 2011; however, a significant progress was not reached in a neither quantitative nor qualitative respect: the ratio of accumulated FDI to GDP has not increased, there has been a failure in attracting the significant investments in the sector of high technologies. The article maintains that the goals stipulated in the new Investment Promotion Programme for 2011–2019 could be implemented by focusing on the four key things: infrastructure, education, proper management and trust. The article claims that the today’s assumptions in Lithuania are not suitable for the innovative breakthrough of the country, and the prepared Lithuanian strategy of innovations for 2010–2020 is weak in its goals, content and form. The situation of innovations in Lithuania is critical: Lithuania is attributed to the group of the countries having the lowest innovation index in EU, but also to the group of the countries which have the slowest growth rate of this index.The article claims that, in order to win a competition for the investments, a country needs to be a leader in the field of innovations, and the essential assumption of the investment and innovation promotion is the improvement of the strategic management. The following steps would include the creation of the “real” clusters acting in the link of scientists, entrepreneurs and officials; the faster commercialization of the created ideas; the creation of a national fund to commercialize such ideas; the application of the educational system for the tomorrow’s needs. [From the publication]

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