Jano Bułhako Vilniaus fotografiniai vaizdai tarpukario Vilniaus paveldosaugos kontekste

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Straipsnis / Article
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Jano Bułhako Vilniaus fotografiniai vaizdai tarpukario Vilniaus paveldosaugos kontekste
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Photographic images of Vilnius by Jan Bułhak in the context of interwar heritage preservation in Vilnius
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Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis [AAAV]. 2015, t. 77/78, p. 199-217. Dailės ir architektūros paveldas: tyrimai, išsaugojimo problemos ir lūkesčiai
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Janas Bułhakas; Fotografija; Paveldosauga; Tarpukaris; Vilnius; Jan Bułhak; Photography; Heritage preservation; Interwar period; Vilnius.
Apsauga ir restauravimas / Preservation and restoration; Fotografija / Photography; Paveldas / Heritage.
Jan Bułhak.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe close relation between photography and heritage is excellently illustrated by the work and activity of Jan Bułhak. From the 1910s, he was the chief photographer of Vilnius, and in the interwar period he was one of the few experts in heritage preservation. As a creator of photographic art and pictorialist, Bułhak did not seek an objective representation of reality in his photographs. On the contrary, he aimed to create images of lasting artistic value, which depended on the motif and composition of the photograph. He considered photographic art national, and thought that the motif, topic and content of the images had to be Polish. Motifs of nature and landscape were best suited to express the Polish character, and these topics were regarded as having lasting artistic value, which was permanent, stable and unchanging. In the album under discussion, Vilnius: Twenty Images from Bułhak’s Photographs, the city is represented as rural and Catholic, as a place that has retained the glory of its past and the beauty of nature and architecture; in this way the city’s nobiliary and Polish features were expressed. Heritage preservation in the interwar period also aimed to protect the Polish, Catholic and nobiliary values through material and aesthetically attractive objects. The common aims and values allowed heritage preservation specialists and Bułhak to collaborate in creating the institutionally established vision of the Polish Vilnius. [From the publication]

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