Figūrų ir tropų pavadinimai 1918–1940 m. literatūros mokslo darbuose

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Figūrų ir tropų pavadinimai 1918–1940 m. literatūros mokslo darbuose
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Names of figures and tropes in the works of literary science in 1918-1940
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Terminologija. 2014, 21, p. 176-191
Literatūros mokslo terminai; Figūros; Tropai; Hiperonimai; Sinoniminiai terminai; Sinonimų eilutės; Bendrašakniai sinonimai; Darybiniai sinonimai.
Figures; Tropes; Synonyms; Synonymy of Lithuanian terms.
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ENThe article deals with 77 one-word names of figures and tropes used in the works of the theory and history of literary science (26 in total) published in Lithuanian between 1918 and 1940 (period of independent Lithuania). Terms are analyzed in respect of origin and synonymy. These conclusions are drawn: 1) All borrowings were international terms. More than one third of them had variants. 2) 9 concepts were named only by Lithuanian-origin terms. 21 terms were used for that purpose (they made from three to five synonymic lines) and the most popular terms are still used today. 3) International terms had from one to three Lithuanian synonyms (14 synonymic lines in total). Most Lithuanian synonyms of international terms were names of action in respect of derivation and terms of different expression were not established. From those international and Lithuanian synonyms now just the international ones are used except the Lithuanian terms laipsniavimas “gradation” and įasmeninimas “personification”. 4) Although the number of Lithuanian terms was greater than of international names of figures and tropes, the former named fewer concepts than the latter (respectively 23 and 31). That was due to numerous synonymy of Lithuanian terms which reflects attempts to name some international concepts with Lithuanian-origin terms. Some cases of excessive Lithuanianization are noticed, but that tendency was not widely spread in the sources investigated. [From the publication]

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