Įgalinimas kaip slaugytojų kompetencijų vystymo dimensija

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Straipsnis / Article
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Įgalinimas kaip slaugytojų kompetencijų vystymo dimensija
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Empowerment as a dimension of nurses’ competencies development
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Specialusis ugdymas [Special Education]. 2002, Nr. 1 (6), p. 112-122
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Įgalinimas; Slaugytojų kompetencija; Slauga; Slaugos darbuotojai; Empowerment; Nurses’ competencies; Nursing; Nurses.
Įgalinimas; Slauga. Slaugytojai / Nursing. Nurses.
Empowerment; Nurses’ competencies.
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LTStraipsnyje akcentuojamas įgalinimo ir slaugytojų kompetencijų vystymo sąryšis. Tuo tikslu atskleidžiami slaugos veiklos bruožai, analizuojama kompetencijos samprata slaugytojų veiklos kontekste, apibūdinamas įgalinimo konceptas išryškinant jį kaip vadybinę, psichologinę, socialinę slaugytojų kompetencijų vystymo dimensiją. [Iš leidinio]

ENThis article explores the uses of the empowerment concept as a dimension for nurses’ competences development. A nurses’ role incorporates categories of competences, which should be named as integrative competences. There are for competences stated: clinical, managerial, pedagogic (educational), research. Realisation of those competences reflects various roles of nurses and demands different professional behaviour. All these competencies are involved into holistic nurses’ competence, which empowers (enable) a professional to function as an autonomous practitioner, continuously improving practice and responding to any particular changing environment. It means that competencies encompass more than just a psychomotor skill. Competence in these contexts now describes the attributes of knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes that underlie competent performance. Competence standards specify just a level of expected achievement and tasks and contexts of professional practice in which we may see the demonstrated competences. Why should the question of power and empowerment as a dimension of nurses’ competencies development be stated? To have power, in the sense of having autonomy to accomplish the work, is part of being a professional and part of a profession’s image. The ability to conform and accomplish work according to the professional nurses’ perception of effective care is an important advantage in nursing practice. An important issue in the development of nurses’ competencies is to reveal obstacles in nurses’ abilities to give nursing qualitative. On such obstacle there might be the lack of empowerment in nurses’ everyday work.The concept of empowerment is used in several ways. It has come to play a key role in several areas, for example, delegation as a top - down process where leaders are sharing power and transferring it to other individuals or groups or when the leader invests in workers’ professional and personal development, securing for them an increase in the power base. Empowerment has been described as power to, different from power over and power against. As has been outlined, the meaning of empowerment depends upon the definition of the concept. This article focuses on empowerment as influence and opportunity to meet goals for nurses within health service organizations. Empowerment is a useful concept to describe the aspects of professional development in nursing. The concept of empowerment is seen a dimension of nurses’ competencies development from psychological, managerial and social point of view. That classification may be helpful when the empowerment concept is used as a dimension for research development in nursing and'may also open up new perspectives for the development of qualitative nursing care. Empowerment is a useful conceptual innovation for management, education, research, because it helps to understand that nursing is unique as an occupation in being almost entirely grounded by human relations and in this sense it completely differs from industrial production. [From the publication]

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