Regioninės politikos problema Lietuvoje

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Regioninės politikos problema Lietuvoje
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Problem of regional policy in Lithuania
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Geografija. 2000, t. 36, Nr. 1, p. 39-48
Europos regioninė politika; Regioninė politika; Regioninė politika Lietuvoje; Viešasis valdymas.
Public governance; Regional policy; Regional policy in Europe; Regional policy in Lithuania.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe necessity of a new regional policy is evident for Lithuania. A successful process might be acceded by adopting its previous traditions, as well as by using a constructive regional planning approach. It is evident that the European Union has no integral regional policy yet and the principles of organisation of European policy differ from those on national level. This fact shows that state regional policy must be oriented to national resources and poTsibilities, because European support would be only partial and fragmentai. Regional policy means a spatially and taxonomically different regulation of state social-economic-ecological development and land management seeking most effective use of local peculiarities as well as equilibrium in population's regional living quality. The sense of regional policy might be expressed by directions of its execution, structural components, organisation level, creating factors, degree of intensity, types of regions and organisation hierarchy. It is known that the Lithuanian experience in regional policy reaches about 50 years and can be divided into five periods: 1) economic regionalisation, 2) united settling system, 3) group settling system, 4) administrative territorial dividing and 5) present period of regional policy. The new general (master, comprehensive) plan of Lithuania is a serious basic document for establishing the main principles and actions in the sphere of regional policy. The proposed regional policy includes: a) five levels of hierarchy for regional interpretation of Lithuanian territory in accordance with the European system of NUTS, b) preferable correspondence of all national funds for regional development with main directions of EU economic support for the candidate countries.The latter means integration of objectives for regional development into three complex structural funds- 1) fund for supporting the socio-economic and urban activity, 2) fund for rural development and conversion and 3) fund for communication integration and environment. However, Lithuania must elaborate its comprehensive regional policy and a more developed system of goals, including a special fund for protection of its cultural heritage and regional identity. Each of the mentioned funds integrates 4 to 10 clearly defined objectives on the basis of the Lithuanian general plan resolutions. These proposals make a real background for determination of the main directions for Lithuanian regional policy. Of especial significance for successful regional policy is regional governing and regional planning system. Unfortunately, the present situation in Lithuania is not the best in this sence and requires serious transformation. One of the most necessary measures seems to be the preparation of a new legal system for the organisation of the whole planning system in Lithuania, because the regional planning is not yet clearly determined. Also, the regional governing should acquire a more programming and planning meaning instead of the present bureaucratic system of its organisation. [From the publication]

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