Lithuania in European politics : the years of the first republic

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Lithuania in European politics: the years of the first republic
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Vilnius : Vaga, 2003.
248 p
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Acknowledgments — Map of Lithuania — Introduction — 1. Restoration of the State. Lithuanians We Are Born... World War I: The German Administration. Lithuanian Political Activities: The Vilnius Conference of September 1917. The Declaration of Independence of February 16, 1918 — 2. The Nation Creates Its State. The First Lithuanian Governments: Wars of Independence. The Struggle with the Bermondtists: The Growing Conflict with the Poles. Elections to the Constituent Assembly and the New Constitution bind Reform. Introduction of a Lithuanian Currency: The Litas. Political Parties during the Seimas Years. The Coup dʼEtat of December 1926 — 3. The Return of Lithuania to the European Stage. Lithuaniaʼs Geopolitical Situation and the Dimensions of Lithuanian Foreign Policy. From Versailles to the Moscow Peace Treaty. The Vilnius Dispute: The Zeligowski Coup. The Vilnius Dispute: The Hymans Plan. From Memel to Klaipėda. The Incorporation of Klaipėda. The Tangle of Lithuaniaʼs Baltic Policy. Going Against the Tide: The Lithuanian-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact — 4. The Presidential Republic. Constitutional Changes. Economic Development. Internal Political Relations. The Lithuanian Emigration.The Generation of Independence. Lithuaniaʼs Jewish and Polish Citizens — 5. The Era of Ultimatums. The Voldemaras Years. Lithuania and Poland: Relations at a Time of No Relations. The Political Strategy of Stasys Lozoraitis: Independence First and Foremost. March 17, 1938: War with Poland or a Polish Mission in Kaunas? Lithuania and Germany: From Stresemann to Hitler. The Loss of Klaipėda. The Policy of Neutrality: The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The Last Days of Independence — 6. Ultimatums, the President, and the Public — Afterword. The Idea of a Lithuanian State, 1940–1990. Soviet and Nazi Occupation, 1940–1945. Lithuania under Soviet Rule, 1945–1988. The Era of Reform and Restoration of Independence — Appendices — Notes — Index of Personal and Place Names.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Lietuvos valstybė; Lietuvos Respublika, 1918-1940 m.; Nepriklausomybės kovos; Lietuvos užsienio politika; Neutraliteto politika; Nepriklausomybės atmintis; Lithuanian State; Republic of Lithuania, 1918-1940; Wars of Independence; Lithuanian Foreign Policy; Policy of Neutrality; Memory of independence.

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