Miestovaizdis ir jo projektavimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Miestovaizdis ir jo projektavimas
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Conception and design of townscape
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Urbanistika ir architektūra. 2003, t. 27, Nr. 1, p. 3-11
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Kraštotvarka; Miestovaizdis; Miestovaizdžio reguliavimas; Urbanistika; Vizualinė aplinka; Environmental design; Townscape; Townscape regulation; Urban desgn; Urban design; Visual environment.
Kraštotvarka; Miestovaizdis; Miestovaizdžio reguliavimas; Urbanistika. Miesto planavimas / Urbanism. City planning; Vizualinė aplinka.
Environmental design; Townscape regulation; Townscape; Urban desgn; Urban design; Visual environment.
Summary / Abstract:

LTApibendrinami miestovaizdžio tyrimai. Aptariama miestovaizdžio, kaip miesto regimosios aplinkos tipo, koncepcija bei jos naudojimas kraštotvarkos teorijoje ir praktikoje. Nagrinėjamos miestovaizdžio formavimo bei jo reguliavimo teorinės ir praktinės problemos. [Iš leidinio]

ENThere are different conceptions of Townscape in geography, urban design and environmental design. The conception of townscape as a type of a visual environment and problems of townscape design are discussed in this article. There is a strong social need for townscape regulation. Free-market relations, competition among towns in the catch of investments for urban growth stimulate striving for townscape originality and attractiveness. However, in Lithuania today the approach on urban design as an art elaborated by the Lithuanian urban theorists K. Šešelgis, A. Miškinis and others, cannot be applied in the urban design practice of Lithuania, as it is not included in the legal framework of urban design. There is also lack of a proper theoretical base for working out juridical documents for townscape regulation. There is a common point of view that the architectural profession is responsible for the quality of townscape. The architects of buildings are primarily concerned with the interests of their clients and they strive for a visual effect of their projects regardless of the unity of townscape. In such a case without the state regulation self-forming of townscape of a high visual aesthetical quality is scarcely probable. To meet the needs of society for a sound visual environment townscape projects must be elaborated as an obligatory part of urban design. Townscape design is an art - a creative work. In a methodical approach the regulation process of townscape design is closer to the sphere of landscape design. [Text from author]

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