Nedarbo dinamika ir įsidarbinimo galimybės Šiaulių krašte

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Straipsnis / Article
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Nedarbo dinamika ir įsidarbinimo galimybės Šiaulių krašte
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Unemployment dynamics and employment opportunities in Šiauliai county
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Darbdaviai; Darbo birža; Darbo birža, viešojo ir privataus sektoriaus partnerystė; Laisvos darbo vietos; Nedarbas; Probleminės teritorijos; Viešojo ir privataus sektoriaus partnerystė.
Employers; Labour exchange; Problematic stagnant areas; Public private partnership; Unemployment; Vacancies.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojama Šiaulių krašto darbo jėgos pasiūla ir paklausa, nurodytos problemiškiausios kaimo vietovių teritorijos. Lietuvoje dažnai analizuojamas vienas pagrindinių ūkio rodiklių - nedarbas. Tyrimai rodo, kad ekonomiškai gerai išsivysčiusiuose regionuose situacija gerokai skiriasi nuo silpnesnių regionų, ypač kaimiškųjų vietovių. Todėl įsidarbinimo galimybės jose yra gerokai blogesnės nei didmiesčiuose bei jų prieigose. Tačiau ir darbo jėgos kaina šiose vietovėse - itin mažesnė, nors plėtros perspektyvos - gana palankios. [Iš leidinio]

ENPaper analyses labour supply and demand in Šiauliai County and in identified most problematic rural areas. Unemployment as one of the key economic indicators has been analysed rather extensively in Lithuania, however, the situation is different in well-developed and less developed regions, particularly in rural areas, where employment opportunities are more limited and wage rates are lower although development perspectives are rather favourable. Research object: unemployed persons and employers registered in Šiauliai County. Research objective: to analyze employability opportunities in rural areas of Šiauliai County. Research methods: analysis of scientific literature, documents, and secondary statistical data, review of local periodicals, analysis of data of state institutions (2011- 2012, January-August). Research problem: job search in Šiauliai County is more complicated than in better developed regions: majority of employers do not create new jobs, new employees are recruited as a result of labour turnover, salary offered hardly satisfies social needs. Potential employees choose various alternatives: long-term unemployment, living on social benefits, illegal work, frequent change of job places, emigration. The situation is even more complicated in rural areas: job seekers from remote villages face transportation difficulties, they are offered minimum salary for unskilled work, employers rarely compensate transportation costs therefore living on social benefits is chosen. The level of unemployment in Šiauliai County has been decreasing like all over Lithuania. Research shows that it is even lower than Lithuanian average (with the exception of Kelmė district). The level of unemployment has remained steadily high although labour supply has significantly decreased during the recent years.Analysis of unemployed persons registered with the Territorial Labour Exchange and the level of unemployment in townships shows that most problematic townships are Vaiguva township (Kelmė district), Raudėnai township (Šiauliai district). Pakruojis district has the highest number of registered unemployed persons (74.6%). Labour supply for women, village inhabitants, and persons older than 50 years of age has been increasing, but decreasing for men, long-term unemployed persons, and those younger than 25 years of age. Faster integration into labour market has been noticed among men with work experience and persons who have lost jobs recently; young or middle aged persons with professional background are in demand. Employment opportunities for persons without work experience, older than 50 years of age, long-time unemployed with only primary or basic education are limited. Service sector companies dominate Šiauliai County with the exception for Joniškis district, where the number of service and agricultural companies is equal. The number of large enterprises in Šiauliai County is small, small and medium sized businesses dominate. Job offers mainly come from small and medium sized companies of private service sector. Vacancies are filled within 2 days on average. A demand for highly qualified labour force has been increasing, but decreasing for unskilled workers. Employers' requirements for professional, general competencies and skills of recruited employees have been rising, but wage rates have remained low. Analysis shows that business development in rural areas and employment opportunities for persons from remote villages are complicated in the county. [From the publication]

1648-9098; 2424-337X
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